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🧵On n'se connaît pas @chbeziers mais je n'vous dis pas merci
pour votre vidéo qui m'a plutôt anéanti
Non pas les paroles ou la musique : Soprano c'est magique
Mais à vous regarder j’ai eu la nausée
Avez-vous réfléchi aux messages que vous véhiculez ?
Et ce matin @PhilippeBanyols alors que je vous pensais plutôt gêné, vu votre relative retenue dans ce clip, vous en remettez une couche en associant la fin de l'obligation du port du masque à la #Liberation ? Honte à vous ! Mais pourquoi ? lisez SVP 2/ Copie d'écran à 3 minutes 1...
Je ne sais pas @PhilippeBanyols @Barre2Sophie @cgleyzes à quel degré vous avez suscité, encouragé, soutenu la réalisation et la diffusion du tweet de présentation et de la vidéo elle-même, problématiques à plus d'un titre. 2/
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Somalis are appalled @ATMIS_Somalia allowed #Ethiopian army in #Baidoa to abuse the proud military #history of our @SNAForce by adoring and glorifying #SovietUnion alliance’s acts of aggression against #Somalia in #Karamardha as part of 1977-78 #WesternSomalia #Liberation War-1/4
These abhorrent antics are not only an affront to Somalia’s sovereignty, dignity and sensibility but are also against the Status of Mission Agreement #SOMA signed by @amisomsomalia. Article VI addresses conduct of #AMISOM and #ATMIS personnel who are required to always adhere to……
#Somalia must demand answers from @ATMIS_Somalia and @_AfricanUnion for #Ethiopia’s appalling violations of #SOMA. @MOFASomalia must also summon Ethiopia’s Ambassador and demand an apology from @mfaethiopia for the abuse of Somalia’s military #history and national sensibility-3/4
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On the Purpose of #ArmsDeliveries to Kyiv: #Ukraine's #liberation demands #Russia's #humiliation - THREAD:
The primary function of good and numerous #offensiveweapons for #Ukraine is not military and bellicose, but political and pacifying. /1
@SCEEUS_UI @UISweden @rightsinrussia
The purpose of #Ukrainian #battletanks, #fighterplanes, long-range #missiles, etc. is to make Russia's #defeats humiliating. Only disasters on the #battlefield in Ukraine and frequent hits against supply lines within #Russia will make many #Russians rethink... /2
...the legitimacy and utility of the "#SpecialMilitaryOperation" and #PutinRegime. Once this happens, much of the occupied territories will be surrendered by #Russian troops to Kyiv and not have to be recaptured by #Ukrainian troops. /END
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Des hackers russes ont divulgué 400.000 documents confidentiels concernant Patrick #Drahi , la 10ème fortune française.

Les secrets du milliardaire 👇
Vous avez déjà entendu parler de Patrick Drahi?

C'est un milliardaire et entrepreneur français connu dans le milieu des affaires pour sa domination de l'industrie de la télécommunication en Europe.

#SFR c'est lui. #liberation c'est lui. @BFMTV c'est encore lui...
Il fait fortune en France, puis à l'étranger grâce à une technique redoutable : Le LBO.

Il s'endette pour acheter une entreprise, la restructure, et rembourse les emprunts contractés avec la trésorerie de celle-ci.

Dès 2003, il détient 99 % des réseaux câblés de France.
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Report back from 12/3 counter protest of the fascist hate rally. Out numbered, out organized, and oblivious to how costly this rally was, fascists lost big yesterday in South Florida!

#TheseQueersBashBack #Transtifa… These queers bash back! is painted on a large banner along w
Fascists too scared to attack the defensive position! #FAFO

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Hard to describe emotions today.
Too much pain for sure. Joy of liberation and realization of horrors ppl had to endure to reach this moment

#Kherson, early March 2022
#Kherson late March 2022
#Kherson late March 2022, russians attack Ukrainian rally
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(1/9) Since I have read the last few days some discussions:
I always like to remember that the #Catholic Church has damaged my country for the last 1200 years at a stretch. For me, as a #German, Martin #Luther and Lutheran #Protestantism is a piece of #liberation for my country.
(2/9) Why I don't like the Catholic Church that much in return:

I. Walk to Canossa, destruction of earliest German central state efforts
II. Beheading of Conradin, destruction of German imperial nobility
III. Delegitimization of the Teutonic Knights and their eastern settlement
IV. Trade in indulgences: monetary gain in northern Europe to finance the cultural flowering of Italy
V. Catholic Italianization of the southern German-speaking area, pushing back the German-speaking area from Verona to the Salurn Pass
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🧵#Ukraine #Kharkiv oblast liberation video:
September 11th: #KozachaLopan - town at the border with #russia came under #UAF control - after weeks of fights in the area #UAF have reached the state border as russian front in #KharkivOblast collapsed!
September 8th #Balakliya the first large city liberated during the #Izyum counteroffensive of #UAF:
September 8th: Balakliya locals greet .@DzevelinB and others of Gonor squad:
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So information has been coming at us firehose style and it can be difficult to build a comprehensive picture. We know things look good but how good is it really? There are a few video posts and a Russian messaging campaign that viewed together and in context say a lot. I will
walk you through what I see. First, Russia is claiming that her "pullback" from Kharkiv was done to further her own war aims. I mean survival can be a war aim, but what does the evidence say. Adding to this Denis Pushilin is claiming his troops have it under control. Really?
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#SNCC101: In McComb, MS, SNCC organizers were often subjected to brutal force, blatant racism, and various other forms of violence at the hands of police officers, white nationalists, and the local judicial systems.
Bob Moses was no stranger to these harsh conditions. He moved to McComb in 1961 after spending the summer as a field organizer throughout that region and discussing the potential for a mass voter registration with Amzie Moore, a prominent NAACP colleague.
He worked alongside a group of local adults, high school students, and youth who helped with canvassing and the voter registration campaign. On August 15, 1961, Moses and a group of hopeful registrants were pulled over by police after being denied the right to register. Image
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August 15, 2022

Many things are happening behind the scenes and as much as I would like to report them, it is simply too dangerous at this senior stage of the Plan:…
In the void created by almost no solid intel on the surface of the planet since the collapse of the alpha timeline in early 2018, disinformation abounds.

The dark forces are leading campaigns against the few true sources, with unsubstantiated rumors and false accusations.
They are especially attacking true #Goddess teachings and true intel about the #liberation of the planet. Several quite known intel sources that were relatively reliable in the past were not able to hold the Light and have crossed over to become instruments of the dark side.
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Did You Know? Before Uber or Lyft, SNCC developed a system of shared rides for organizers in the South called the Sojourner Motor Fleet.
“When a Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee field secretary began work in Marshall County, Mississippi in the summer of 1962, he had to ride a mule from settlement to settlement.” The same was true in Wilcox County, Alabama in 1965.
SNCC workers needed to traverse rutted, dusty back roads and long stretches of highway to organize in the rural areas of the Deep South. Cars were so important that SNCC formed its own transportation company, the Sojourner Motor Fleet, Inc., to keep its staff mobile.
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Loi du 6 août 1942 : c’est l’histoire d’une loi #homophobe qui n’a été votée par aucun parlement, qui a été appliquée pendant 40 ans et a entraîné l’arrestation et la condamnation de 10 000 homosexuel·le·s en France jusqu’en 1982.
Un #thread ⤵️ Image
Dépénalisée en 1791, l’#homosexualité est en liberté très surveillée dans les années 1920 et 1930 avec l’interprétation extensive des articles 330 (outrage public à la pudeur), 331, 332 (attentat à la pudeur) et 334 (excitation de mineur à la débauche) du code pénal d’alors. Image
L’ambiance #nataliste de l’entre-deux-guerres favorise l’expression des revendications de pénalisation de l’homosexualité. La certitude, en vogue à l’époque, qu’elle se « transmet (!) par séduction dans les jeunes années », focalise le débat. Image
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No joke! Back home from holiday, my 8 y old daughter's 1st ❓: “Do you know what's going on in #Kazakhstan? The president allowed to shoot the population.” I think my son "briefed" her. My oldest daughter received videos from her colleagues in Kazakhstan. My thread bellow 1/1 ImageImage
#EUforeignpolicy: @EmmanuelMacron & @vonderleyen demanding the violence in #Kazakhstan cease adding #EU is ready to help calm the situation & assist where it can. @JosepBorrellF reiterating that it's important that rights and civilian safety is ensured #HumanRightsViolations 1/2
#US @SecBlinken: not clear why #Kazakhstan feel the need for any outside assistance. It would seem to me that the government certainly have the capacity to deal appropriately with protests to do so in a way that respects the rights of protesters while maintaining law & order.1/3
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Starting off with the famous yet wildly misrepresented Battle of Longewala. In this thread I will break down the tactics and weapons used in this epic battle. (1/n)
The battle took place on the night of 4th December 1971 and continued on till 7th December.

Pakistan's objective was to march on from Longewala to Ramgarh and capture Jaisalmer. This would cut off the salient and put India on the defensive on the Western front. (2/n)
For this long march, the Pakistani tanks were carrying extra fuel tanks and with their massive superiority in numbers, weren't expecting strong resistance at Longewala.

The Longewala post sat on a dune offering good defensive positioning and was surrounded by barbed wires. (3/n)
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#Women’ are an integral part of Western propaganda against Islam. When the West was proud of its ‘conservatism’, Muslim women were ‘haremjibi’,‘sensual’,‘objects of sex’. When the West learned to think of itself as progressive, Muslim women 1/9
became ‘captives’, ‘captives’, ‘objects of sex’. In both cases, there is the full support of the "Western Guard" for the "liberation" of #Muslim #women.

Women's liberation was called for 20 years ago to legitimize the #US invasion of #Afghanistan. 2/9
Over the past two decades, women's liberation has been repeatedly cited as an excuse for #American genocide and #warcrimes.

Today, after the embarrassing retreat of #America, many people are trying to sell this junk again. Among them, as in the #West, 3/9
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#Thread |

Since its independence, #India has seen and largely welcomed waves of #Refugees and migrants fleeing persecution and conflict in neigbhouring nations

#WorldRefugeeDay #IndiaNarrative

@RomeshNadir Image
#Theme2021 is 'Together we heal, learn and shine'

From the refugees of #IndoPak partition who were automatically the citizens of newly independent India to recent influx due to #MyanmarCoup, #India has been following this theme since millenia

#IndiaNarrative @ipacglobal @dhume
In 1959, when @DalaiLama along with more than 100,000 followers were forced to flee #Tibet, India opened its doors for Tibetian #Refugees fleeing #ChinesePersecution

#IndiaNarrative #worldrefugeeday2021

@DossierTibet Image
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June 17

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The war between Light and dark forces for Chimera underground bases is at its peak, and the decisive battles ending in Light forces liberating the bases are expected to occur soon ImageImageImage
The Chimera underground complex which extends below the central part of eastern Congo and below most of Rwanda and Burundi has not been liberated yet, and hostages captured there and in other bases still need our assistance with meditation: Image
This underground war precipitates to the surface as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions:……

Volcano erupts in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Image
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'Academics' just don't realise that the Internet has radically changed the world and 'knowledge' is no longer their preserve, privilege and prerogative.
Jana Sangh rally in support of recognising Bangladesh 25 May 1971. Courtesy: AP Archives.
Do share freely.
PM @narendramodi mentions his participation in Bharatiya Jana Sangh rally of 25 May 1971 in support of recognising #Bangladesh in a book be wrote in 1978. 'Scholarship' is slightly more than copy-pasting from sarkari archives or regurgitating known stuff.
'Scholarship' is not about turning up your nose at documents that exist beyond your charmed little circle of know-alls. Govt of #Bangladesh in this citation acknowledged the role of Atal Bihari Vajpayee as president of Jana Sangh in supporting #Liberation War.
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First Crush, the best toy in the market!

Satisfaction guranteed.

Powerful orgasms in seconds...

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📌LJ video selection 📹🎞️📽️ for first Sunday of the year.


..... loading
@EllyKaruhanga 📌 2⃣ How to speak at a political rally #MILTON OBOTE

#Politics 🇺🇬

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I used to love sharing this, on #Frelimo and #SamoraMachel, but a friend told me of the darker side of the struggle. Lives are lost! May they all rest In Eternal Peace
Looks the video was deleted. But here, Makeba #AlutaContinua #Frelimo #SamoraMachel #FrontlineStates


While the Mulungushi club & Frontline States did their bit, the number 1 warrior in Africa's total liberation & number 1 Frontline state, was Fidel CASTO and CUBA!

He turned the tide in The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale. Let me share a video ImageImage
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1-#Gayatri destroys the three kinds of #Taapa or pain.

Gayatri bestows on one the four kinds of #Purushartha, viz. #Dharma
(#righteousness), #Artha (wealth), #Kama (desired objects) and
#Moksha (#Liberation or freedom) (1/13)

2-It destroys the three Granthis or knots of ignorance, #Avidya, #Kama and #Karma.

Gayatri purifies the mind.

Gayatri bestows on the Upasaka Ashta-#Siddhis

Gayatri makes a man powerful and highly intelligent. (2/13)

3-Gayatri eventually gives Liberation or emancipation from the wheel of birth and death. (3/13)

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After a peaceful pro-#independence demonstration in #Paris on #17October1961,up to 300 #Algerians were murdered by police. Historians described this #massacre as “the bloodiest act of state repression of street protest in western Europe in modern history”.…
The most memorable – and vicious – #atrocities saw #policemen herding panicking crowds on to #Paris's bridges, where many were tossed into the #Seine. The river became a watery morgue for scores of victims, whose lifeless bodies were washing up for weeks. #17Octobre1961 #Algeria
Others died in #police stations, or in nearby woods, where their #mutilated bodies testified to truncheon and rifle-butt injuries. The officers had been incensed by an illegal protest by 30,000 men, women and children organised by the National #Liberation Front (FLN) of #Algeria.
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