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Now from @PostOpinions: the same by-the-numbers, empirically unserious column about #freespeech on #college campuses. So, my typical response…1/5…
Low key, one of the most significant pieces of #misinformation about #collegecampuses that such columns popularize is the falsehood that an op-ed can meaningfully assess the state of #freespeech across nearly 5K postsecondary institutions in the U.S. It can't. 2/5
This latest example is an assessment of anecdotes--out of context and selectively retold--not a serious survey of the many different forums for free speech that exist in any given #university. 3/5
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Cette intervention de @PapNdiaye est un ramassis de mensonges. J’ai failli lâcher ma crêpière en entendant une telle langue de bois. Je vous explique tout ce qui ne va pas #NDiayeMent #technologie #college (1/11)
D’abord, c’est inadmissible de laisser arriver en #6eme des élèves dont les difficultés seraient « insurmontables » en français et en mathématiques. Il faut redonner au primaire les moyens d’aider tous les élèves et de prévenir la difficulté scolaire. C’est notre rôle ! (2/11)
Ensuite, le « soutien » ou l’ « approfondissement » proposés sont en fait de la poudre aux yeux. Cela reviendrait, au mieux, à prévoir 30 minutes de français et de maths par semaine et par élève, par un•e roi qui ne connaît pas l’élève et que l’élève ne connaît pas (3/11)
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Un rapport de la DEPP vient de sortir : "L'Europe de l'#éducation en chiffres". Un thread pour en tirer quelques enseignements sur le système éducatif français, le statut et la rémunération des enseignants, par rapport au reste de l'Europe. 👇1/11
On apprend d'abord que le temps d'#enseignement en #France est plus élevé qu'ailleurs, notamment au primaire et au collège 900 heures contre 740 h en moyenne dans l'UE en primaire / 720 h en #collège contre 649. Le nombre d'élèves par classe est également plus important. 👇2/11
Dans l'UE, il y a moins de 15 élèves par classe en moyenne au primaire (CITE 1) et au collège (CITE 2), tandis qu'en France elle est proche des 25 élèves (avec de grandes disparités). Au lycée, cet écart se réduit.👇3/11
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“Chapter 8,” titled “Castles in the Sky…Cocaine and Booze:

“Gen X/ 13th Generation is a Concocted Generation, born 1961 through 1980”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by M Adzema

(pub 9/2022)…

CW22Q 8/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website now & to be published Sept 2022)

READ &/or dwnld entire BOOK free AT SITE... #GenX #history #Yuppies #80s #Republicans

CW22Q 8/2
[Quotes/highlights:] “…this swinging back & forth of attitudes is mirrored also in the drug usage of these generations: We go from repressive drugs such as alcohol & tobacco with the WWII Generation;” []

THREAD… #GenX #history #Yuppies #80s

CW22Q 8/3
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👨‍🏫 Du latin au quotidien ? Eh oui, on peut facilement exploiter le lexique déjà employé par des auteurs latins plus ou moins récents.

🔍 Aujourd'hui, on s'intéresse aux couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel selon l’auteur Ammien Marcellin, un historien du IVème s. de notre ère !
⚠️ Si je précise d’emblée qu’il s’agit des couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel SELON un auteur, c’est qu’elles seront différentes des sept canoniques que l’on connaît et apprend dans notre plus tendre enfance.
👀 Entrons donc dans le détail des couleurs qu’il emploie : elles auront chacune droit à un post plus détaillé avec d’autres nuances proches. D’abord une petite phrase de latin, avant d’avoir tout un passage en traduction :
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Thread : What care a #law #student should take while sitting in library, and digesting law #books? How should he navigate through thousands of books in law library of #college? What books to read and what to ignore?

1) The topic of this thread itself is complicated.
2/ But once I was also a law student. (In 1977). All the law books in law college library amazed me! It looked as if each book was radiating powers of the good over the evil. I had dreams of power and wealth and these books looked like my passport to a golden future.
3/ Do not blame me, if after reading this thread you become demotivated to read those AMAZING law books.

I may have tell you something which may not be found in ANY law book of ANY law college.
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Proud to announce the final paper of my dissertation is out @ASHAJournals 🎉

Here, we aimed to assess longitudinal performance in language and other cognitive domains important for academic success in young adults with acquired brain injury (ABI) participating in intensive rehab Image
22 young adults with ABI (#stroke, traumatic brain injury (#TBI), tumor, encephalitis) attended ≥ 12-week semester of the Intensive Cognitive and Communication Rehabilitation program. The program (lectures, individual therapy, tech. training), was held 6 hours/day, 4 days/week. Image
14 young adults with ABI served as deferred treatment/usual care control participants. All participants demonstrated language and/or other cognitive impairment on a standardized assessment battery (WAB, RBANS, SCCAN, DCT) administered before/after each semester.
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The language of quant crit is in its infancy but the practice has a long legacy dating back to Du Bois and Wells-Barnett.

Let's use #QuantCritSyllabus to feature studies that use critical quantitative methodologies and frameworks. I'll start.
#AcademicTwitter #SocAF #QuantCrit
The Racism-Race Reification Process: A Mesolevel Political Economic Framework for Understanding Racial Health Disparities by @aasewell

#QuantCritSyllabus #HealthDisparities #MortgageMarkets
#MergedDatabases #Multilevel #GeneralizedLinearModels…
Collateral Damage: The Health Effects of Invasive Police Encounters in New York City by @aasewell & Kevin Jefferson

#QuantCritSyllabus #Health #Policing
#NYC #CommunityHealthSurvey #StopQuestionandFrisk #MultilevelModels…
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#Graduates who never went to #college are graduating soon.
Into the third year of #online education?
The #hiring market currently is heated due to lack of good quality supply. Would the new freshers even compare to pre 2020 graduates? #Universities are not about the course curriculum but the halls and walls that teach you life while finding your interests.
God help us all.
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"In just one phone call, Otto had protected Lundstrom from Luther in a way the police couldn’t, even after ten 911 calls and a restraining order." "Otto routinely dispatched Lundstrom to Williston, where she’d work until she met her quota of $1,000 per day." #students #rape
"now perhaps the most common sex trafficking recruitment vehicle: social media. Experts say victims are groomed by pimps who play the numbers game with extreme patience. “[Predators] could say ‘you’re beautiful’ to 100 girls just to get one” #grooming…
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1/8 Friday night, a light thread on the most exclusive Chinese medical school, started by Americans 100 years ago. It’s a piece of US-China history I want my own kids to know.
2/8 Like income inequality, China university resources are not as equal as in the US. There are top 2 universities (Peking U&Tsing Hua) that everyone agrees among top 2, with the rest vying for the third.
3/8 Peking Union Medical College协和. Each year it admits about 100 students, with 1-3 student from each of 31 provinces, except Beijing having a higher quota of 20. In 1993, My father said he would have gone crazy if I got in. He didn’t go crazy.
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Un petit fil historique sur un sujet qui a (un peu) échauffé certains collègues enseignant(e)s sur les réseaux sociaux : les agrégés doivent-ils enseigner en collège ou ne serait-ce pas forcément leur place ?

#enseignants #collège #EducationNationale

Ce fil est né d’un tweet d’un jeune collègue agrégé qui se plaignait d’être affecté en 6ème, suscitant des dizaines de réponses parfois assez dures. Revenons-en au fait : le statut et la fonction des agrégés devraient-ils leur éviter le collège ? (1)
Indéniablement, si on reprend un peu l’histoire du corps (conseillons d’emblée l’excellent ouvrage d’Yves Verneuil sur l’histoire des agrégés), l’agrégation et l’enseignement en lycée entretiennent des liens structurels. (2)…
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#China:- Is it a protest by students or something else at Xinglin College, Nantong University, Jiangsu????

Some reports said that some students were injured in the clash between the students and Jiangsu police.

Confirmed, Protests are being held by students of several colleges and universities.

Clashes between police and students at Xinglin College of Nantong University.
Another video, Police beating up students of North China College of Nanjing Normal University.

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Finance Minister begins budget speech at #queenspark
Ontarians desperately need direct financial relief. Small business owners, people who have lost incomes, and people who are concerned about covid recovery need to be included in the plan. Will we see investments, or more cuts? Watch the full speech here:…
Will there be any support offered for people experiencing #homelessness in #Toronto? How about for #college and #university students who are concerned about their job prospects coming during and after school? #onpoli #onpse #topoli
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1/ Best Reason to Go to #College? NYTs
Answer: to become aware of all we DON’T UNlearn. This article makes timely points...
Richard Rohr says, “The only thing more dangerous than individual ego is group ego.”
2/ NYTs (cont):
“We’re caught up in an addiction to simplifications for which the only medicine lies within. We need to be reminded that not to be right doesn’t always mean you’re wrong. And that to be terribly wronged does not mean you’re innocent.”

#MedStudentTwitter #meded
3/ NYTs (cont):
“Traveling across Japan with Dalai Lama before #pandemic, I heard him say that after watching the planet up close as a leader for 80 years, he felt the world was suffering through an “emotional crisis.” The cure, he said, was “emotional disarmament.”

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State of #unemployment & #underemployment in India is pathetic. But comparing that to the SSR case is worse. If rallying behind a cause is what it takes to shake an age old toxic tree, then why aren’t the ones who care about unemployment doing it? I care about both but saying one
is more important than the other is simply foolish. One case is about our economy and other is about drugs and sex trafficking. Not just murder. Both are fcuking up our youth.
Our #education system is a massive loophole. The govt talks about #DigitalIndia but cannot make a digital platform for education during the lockdown? How are universities around the world conducting exams? Why can't we build something when we have the ability?
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1/ Delighted to see that firm actions planned following launch of national survey results… well done to all involved @PMacneela @LouiseCrowley2 @Lornafitz3 @NWCI
2/ Very happy @DCU @DaireKeogh (our new President) has already taken steps to address #Sexualharassment #Sexualviolence on campus @DCUSU @DCU_EDI @annelooney @SanHealy @ItStopsNow_EU
3/I want to share the story of one lecturer’s experiences in her involvement with getting #Consent on the agenda at 3rd level- one of the backstories behind this progressive movement
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IVY league institutional meritocracy strategy replicate to factionalism that emphasis subjective qualitative perceptions (guided by an elite's script) by

#IvyLeague #InstitutionOfNationalImportance #Institute #University #College #School #Scholar
collecting one sided outweigh volume of supporting quantitative facts results in influencing human choice collectively because humans are not rational decision makers by the virtue of behavior economics principles. This is the reason non existence of definition of
"Institution of national importance" as stated at 5m 23s is such an important topic to dwell upon and empower other institutions to aspire to qualify for the title along with the institutions termed as "Institution of national importance" should routinely be evaluated to
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2015 was a magical year. The magical month that year was May when we headed on our family #roadtrip from #Pindi to #Hunza

Retracing the journey we took on our #college #tour

#Gilgit #Baltistan #Tourism #Travel #Pakistan

@MaroofAliSyed @afiasalam… ImageImageImageImage
If you haven't done so as yet, once in your life you must take your children by road to Gilgit and Hunza one year. Skardu, Shigar and Khaplu the next year and Chitral in the third year.
Not this year, though. This year, stay put and stay safe.
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On May 1st, 1921 the #Jaffa riots also known as "Me'oraot Tarpa" started in the land of #Israel as a result 47 #Jews were murdered and 146 were injured. ImageImageImage
Many times on #college #campuses, we tend to hear that prior to the #establishment of the State of Israel, Arabs and Jews lived "#peacefully" side by side, and the State of Israel was the reason the the hostility against the Jews. This argument is wrong, it is false.
The Jaffa riots were a series of violent riots in Mandatory Palestine on May 1–7, 1921, an attack by Arabs on Jews during which many were killed. The rioting began in Jaffa and spread to other parts of the country #Rehovot, #PetahTikva, #Hadera and elsewhere.
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(1/13) Q: Help! My kid is supposed to start or return to #college in the fall. Will colleges even be open? Our family isn't that excited about Zoom U.

A: While very few colleges have announced firm plans, we compiled as much information as we could find in this thread:
(2/13) With so much #uncertainty about what the next academic year looks like, students and their families are having to make big, expensive decisions with little information.

What are some of the options schools are considering? The main scenarios are:
1. Open in-person instruction with changes to accommodate #Covid_19
2. Postpone the start of fall semester by weeks/months.
3. Online/remote instruction in Fall 2020, & re-open campus for Spring 2021.
4. Cancel fall semester and run a full academic year from Jan-Aug 2020
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Hi everyone. Trying to stay quiet and mindful during these times - so not posting here often. But here's a quick thread for my #academictwitter colleagues and those working in #postsecondary #university #college settings now. /1
Some of us in teaching positions are in the position of deciding whether to "stay the course", provide a sense of "normalcy", etc. when it comes to our coursework and obligations to students.

So a few words for those not sure what business as usual might entail. /2
I'll preface this with an acknowledgement that I'm 1) a tenure-track prof w/ 2) considerable autonomy in an academic program 3) w/leadership that respects the work I do in the classroom. I realize this isn't typical, so what I'm sharing might not reflect your situation. FWIW: /3
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Read sad story last night about Dr. Bucci, 50 year old Phychology & Brain Sciences Dept. Chairman, at Dartmouth that committed #Suicide 11 months after a lawsuit was filed by graduate #students in his department. He
2/ was NOT accused of sexual misconduct, but named in the suit for knowing about the professors’ inappropriate behavior as the Chair.I share many of the same feelings he expressed to friends and colleagues in his emails before he took his own life like: the case was deeply
3/ personal; reputation had been damaged; physical health diminished; false portrayal of his actions; being blamed unfairly; allegations & process “unfair”; how can they ever undo what they did to me & #wronglyaccused. Similarly, how I had reported the #disability
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