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"Find me & #mycompany in #Massachusettsspecializinginexpense reduction services for small, medium, & large businesses near Boston & Marlboro:

Schooley Mitchell: Brian Plain & Joe Gifford
225 Cedar Hill St
Suite 200 D117 Marlborough, MA 01752
"#ObtainLowerExpense for Companies near Westborough, Shrewsbury, Northborough, Hudson, & Marlborough:
Schooley Mitchell: Brian Plain & Joe Gifford
225 Cedar Hill St
Suite 200 D117 Marlborough, MA 01752
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#PEA🇪🇺 ou #CTO🇺🇸 ?
➡️Lequel choisir pour optimiser au maximum la #fiscalité et la #performance de vos #investissements 💰

☕️Accrochez vous et prenez vous un petit café, on est parti pour un assez long #Thread🧵

#retraite #capitalisation #investissement Image
1️⃣ Le Plan d'Épargne en Actions (PEA) 🇫🇷🇪🇺
Le PEA est destiné aux résidents fiscaux français majeurs et permet d'investir principalement dans des actions européennes.

Voici un aperçu de ses caractéristiques :
🟢 Avantages : Essentiellement d’ordre fiscal sur les plus-values et les dividendes, on y revient plus bas.
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How many years of experience does one need to be an engineering manager in the tech industry? #engineeringmanager #management #techlead #leadership #cto #techleadership
There are always edge cases, but generally speaking, it takes about 5 - 7 years for a software developer to become an engineering manager.

Once they become an engineering manager, it then takes about 2 - 3 years before they become effective in their roles.
The first year is usually about learning on the job as being an engineering manager is a completely different role to being a software developer.
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What are the requirements for becoming a chief technology officer (CTO)? Can anyone join any company as CTO? #startup #scale #chieftechnologyofficer #cto #founder #techleadership #careerintech

You can read the role and responsibilities of a CTO here:…
If you’re keen to become a CTO as soon as possible by applying for job openings, you might like to think about becoming a startup CTO.

Let me share with you Pros and Cons of being a CTO at a startup based on my personal experience:

Less barrier to entry

Coding is still part of day-to-day responsibilities (also a Cons)

Wear multiple hats, and be a part of decision making across many disciplines

Fast pace of change
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If you have unlimited free talent, how would you design your organisation for your tech startup? #startup #scale #chieftechnologyofficer #cto #founder #techleadership #productmanagement
Whether I’ve got unlimited free talent or not, I’d first think about roadmap / goals before designing my org for a tech startup.
Before you say a roadmap is too low-level details, hear me out. The roadmap is the magic that transforms vision to action.

Ask yourself, what kind of work will need to be done in the next six months to eighteen months for the organization.
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Antegrade Approach for #CTO Lesions #Cardiotwitter

Method A..Antegrade wire Escaltation ;

It consists of advancing various guidewires in antegrade direction to cross CTO while remaining within true lumen of vessel (True to True )
#crossing proximal cap.

Wire escaltation

Wire Gear 1

For proximal cap penetration, tapered polymer GW with low-penetration power soft-tip (Fielder family guidewires; Ashai Intecc), allowing advancement along visible or invisible microchannels, are the first choice
Wire Gear 2

~If the operator encounters difficulties in crossing the lesion, they can switch to GW with greater penetration force. When proximal cap is blunt, GW with intermediate penetration force (Gaia 2nd–3rd [Ashai Intecc] or Pilot 200 [Abbott Vascular]) are used.
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In 10 years of working for tech startups (small, medium big). I saw some patterns about good and bad CTO.

If you want to be a great #CTO, here's some 8 advices : 👇
As a CTO, your job is to ensure the technology of your startup is able to scale with the company.
This means being proactive and always looking ahead to the next big thing.
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How long does it take to advance to a software Engineering Manager? My answer below.

#developer #webdeveloper #webdev #coder #womenintech #career #careeradvice #careerintech
#engineeringmanager #management #techlead #leadership #cto #leaddev
While there is no set number of years, generally, 5 - 7 years in a software engineer role is what most engineering managers have before they take on the management path.
Some tech companies put senior engineers on the same level as their engineering managers for this very reason. Engineering management is a linear and alternate career track to software engineering.
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1/19 @swapleonicorn #Crypto #BSC $LEOS $LEON
- What is it?
- Who are the people behind it?
- What are it's future plans?
- Why do I think it's essential?

Here's my write up to give insight into this hot, trending project. As always #DYOR and #NFA.
2/19 #LEONICORNSWAP is a #BSC advanced AMM (#DEX) which seems focused on #Security as it's prime objective, with features such as #lottery, #NFTs #marketplace, #IDO (IJOs), #Staking and many other features that are yet to be announced. (See Road Map)
3/19 Lets delve deeper into the objectives of the #DEX. As I previously mentioned, #Security seems the number one priority, audited by @hackenclub and @certik_io. Something we are all unfamiliar with on the #BSC network is the common #RUG pull security issues with #IDO (presales)
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What is the role of a Chief Technology Officer is a question many aspiration CTOs and even the CTOs themselves ask. My answer in thread.
#engineeringmanager #management #techlead #leadership #cto #leaddev
In my research for the latest product I created for Senior Engineering leaders called CTO Toolkit, I found that there are 6 critical areas that fall within a senior technology leader’s remit, 3 are strategic and 3 are more operational.
In general, CTOs are responsible for:

⛳️ Technology Strategy

Evaluate the current technology landscape (technology stack, resourcing, capabilities, etc.) and recommend a forward-looking, short and long-term technology strategic vision and plan.
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This morning, as I prepare my coffee, let me tell you a tale of a time when I was affected by the #wagegap. This one’s a doozy.

When I first became an #infosec analyst, the #CISO had intended that I make $65k which was a fair wage for the position, region, and etc.

The #IT management and #HR had all agree and the paperwork was printed out. The #CTO volunteered to send it to me, even though he was technically in a separate department.

Now, I didn’t know that the wage was supposed to be $65k, I wasn’t a part of these convos.

At the time, I was just making $14 an hour on their HelpDesk knowing that I would soon be promoted and was awaiting to sign off on it.

When the CTO delivered the paperwork to me, the amount I signed off on was $45k. I even said, “Hm. Seems low?” And he didn’t say anything.

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Today's question is on hiring and scaling a startup: Is it advisable for small companies or startups to hire a temporary consultant to build a team of developers and designers?

#agilemethodology #hiring #startup #scale #chieftechnologyofficer #cto #founder
If you’re hiring for more than 5 people, I’d personally hire a CTO, CPO or find a co-founder with prior experience in building teams first, and then work with a recruitment agency.
Because hiring or filling headcounts is not the end goal, you’ll need to make sure the new people are onboarded properly, and they have a roadmap to work on.
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I was once consulting a Leadership Team. I was giving a presentation on Clusters and Market segments. After the presentation, I met the CTO over a cup of coffee. We were talking about the presentation & the many times I'd say cluster is the many times CTO will say Modular
during our conversation. I didn't correct him because the dictionary synonym for cluster is modular. Although cluster marketing strategy is very different from technical architecture modular strategies. On my way back home, the sales linguistics cracked me up! 😂
This was a lesson for me to find out the history and background of a person before consulting them. Sales gets easy when we speak client's linguistic.

#sales #consultations #linguistics #strategy #management #marketing #language #linguistic #leadership #jargon #CTO #CMO
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Our most recent analysis of PROGRESS-CTO equipment
use, building on previous work by @ArisKaratasakis et al


Pilot 200/Fielder XT remain most common antegrade GWs but %⬇️due to quick adoption of newer GWs such as Gaia 3rd.

Torquable microcatheters (Turnpike) are the most commonly used ones. Success rates when a microcatheter is used have ⬆️⬆️

2/3 Image
Retrograde approach:

Sion was the most commonly used guidewire for collateral crossing.

Pilot 200 the most commonly used for CTO crossing.

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Ein Blick auf die Agenda und Ort der #Revierkonferenz macht klar, warum auch die #Zukunftsagentur von #ZRR in #ZRRWE umbenannt werden muss:

Ort ist Bergbauverherrlichungs-ort :terranova #hambach…
Bei Podiumsdiskussion zur #Beteiligung zum #WSP1.0 ist einer von vier Rednern #CTO #RWE
#Zivilgesellschaft ? Fehlanzeige !

Im Chat können Fragen gestellt u Kommentare abgegeben werden. Mit viel Glück kommt eine Antwort, aber nur, wenn Frage o Kommentar nicht„ politisch“ ist!🤫
Aber die Krönung ist Vorstellung von Projekt mit Titel


durch GF Zweckverband LandFolge #Garzweiler
Schämen Sie sich gar nicht V. Mielchen?
Wie zynisch ist das denn @zukunftsrevier ? #RoteLinie
@AlleDoerfer #LexGarzweiler #Kohlegesetz #ZRRWE
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The startup incubated at the Talal and Madiha Zein AUB Innovation Park are having an invite-only session with @rawadassaf from RAMS on the role of a CTO and on Agile Engineering processes #thread
"The 1st role of the CTO is to bridge Tech and Business within and Outside the organization" @rawadassaf
"The second responsibility of the #CTO is to set the engineering culture: a great engineering culture results in software delivered, done right and happy people and customers" @rawadassaf
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The HR Recruiters fix UX interview with Technical Architect, Technical Managers, Engineering Directors, Delivery Manager, CTO etc. These guys only understand tangible UI Design and look for it overwhelmingly. They don't understand the Functional & Strategic aspect, that is UX.
UX is Functional and ideally be interviewed by Product VP, Functional Product Manager, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Business Strategist and Chief Design Officer.
UX consultation can be done on Services, Processes, Business and Products.

#UXjobs #UXhiring
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Delivery Managers (accounting) & Technical Managers under selling UX Services like Visual Design Services weaken the Returns & value based Business Model in India. This is the reason we need Chief UX Officers to sell UX Services. #uxjobs #hr #agency #design #manager #services #UX
@jmspool Insights from Indian Software Service Company Market.
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Write an algorithm, solve a math problem & you are good to be hired for #tech role in most companies. Tell a definition, solve an instance with your opinion, but you may still not be adequate to conceive the big picture & connect the dots for #UX role. #UXjobs #hackathon #hiring
This is the latent void when UX is interviewed by Engineering Director and #CTO. #interview #coding #HR
@jmspool thought I will tag you in this thread.
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Developing #AI capabilities for Comparing Attributes will be the next big #IT boon. #Comparing two non sorted attribute list of two products in #amazon, text list with clicked images (by optical character #recognition), arithmetic comparison between
itineraries and distribute cost evenly. And then somewhere down the lane audio based #ConversationalCommerce will bloom. So much of work to do with AI Comparing products, quotes and services that it could be a mammoth Business Unit in a Company.
Mushrooms of companies and specialized api in comparing various aspects. Collaborating over middle-ware platforms. Then presenting it to the user in the form of Zero UX.
#JustDial #sales #googleduplex #voice #Telecom #booking #wallmart #marketplace #business #CEO #OCR #CTO #Paytm
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