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Inside: To save the news, ban surveillance ads; and more!

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1/ EFF's banner for the save n...
Tonight (31/5, 1830h) I'm at #Manchester @WaterstonesMCR with *Red Team Blues*, hosted by @cubicgarden:…

On 1/6, it's #London for @uclcs's #PeterKirstein Lecture:…

Next: #Edinburgh, #London & #Berlin!
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To save the news, ban surveillance ads: No publisher will ever beat ad-tech at spying, but no tech company will ever understand a publisher's content better than they do.

3/ Image: EFF https://www.eff....
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"It is important that people have a reliable route that they can take when they want to expose wrongdoing. An office for the whistleblower might be a potential route."
-@MaryRobinson01 Chair @AWhistleblowing…
#Whistleblower #SDG16
Legislation is needed to clarify that whistleblowing should be viewed positively, like compliance, rather than negatively, like a form of corporate treachery that eventually unravels in costly, exhausting & embarrassing legal battles
-Georgina Halford-Hall
Whistleblowers need one place to go to find out where they stand, get support and advice, source the financial means to fight retaliation and get appropriate compensation for their damaged careers—for most #whistleblowers, whistleblowing is career ending
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Was unsere Vorsitzende meint und wo wir uns vom #Bundestag Verbesserungen am Vorschlag der @BReg_Bund für ein #Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz erhoffen, erläutert unsere neue Serie.

Uns unterstützen, #Whistleblower zu schützen – z.B. als Förderer oder Spender: Image
Die Umsetzung der #EURL durch ein #Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz bedeutet Verbesserungen für #Whistleblower, v.a. mehr Schutz vor Repressalien bei Hinweisen zu Straftaten.

Uns unterstützen, #Whistleblower zu schützen – z.B. als Förderer oder Spender: Image
Der Entwurf für ein #Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz schützt weder die #Meinungsäußerungsfreiheit der #Whistleblower noch die gesellschaftliche #Informationsfreiheit ausreichend.
Uns unterstützen, #Whistleblower zu schützen – z.B. als Förderer oder Spender.: Image
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Hey Google,

Design me a chart to discourage 150,000 @UN staff members from reporting wrongdoing.
This is part 2, two threads on the #UNWhistleblowers furore occasioned by the release last week (Tuesday @BBC & Wednesday @RSInews) of 2 documentaries highlighting deficiencies in the UN's application of its #Whistleblowing policy.

Part 1 >>
The rest of this thread consists of a series of videos showing how two #UNWhistleblowing investigations bodies the UN's "Ethics Office" ( & the OIOS (Office of Internal Oversight Services >> misconduct reporting system works.
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1/Formal statement from COL Yevgeny Vindman's (@YVindman) Legal Team re: issuance of @DoD_IG Report of Investigation that vindicated his lawful #whistleblowing activities. We look to @POTUS now.

#RuleOfLaw #Accountability @globalmjreform @BradMossEsq @AndrewBakaj @wbaidlaw
2/Full text is as follows:

"The Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) Report of Investigation issued today fully vindicates our client Colonel (COL) Yevgeny Vindman (at the time LTC). Through his protected and lawful whistleblowing activities, ...
3/...COL Vindman properly reported misconduct involving officials within the Trump Administration's White House and National Security Council. Based on this latest report, which followed a review by the U.S. Army, it is now conclusive there was illegal retaliation...
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"When you push against a system and it is an unjust system, you must prepare yourself mentally for the isolation and resistance that comes with that. Activism and whistleblowing looks sexy on TV, but it’s hard on your mind and wellbeing." --Dr. Monica Cox…
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We have recently been approached for advice on raising safeguarding concerns about individuals. The best way to raise concerns is always by following procedures. Presently there are a lot of concerns about frameworks failing & concerns being ignored, resulting in #whistleblowing
Obviously it is best if concerns about individuals & policies are raised direct with their organisation & are immediately dealt with. Widespread failures to deal with concerns have resulted in people taking to social media. We are preparing a new guide to assist, until then…
This is a good read. It is aimed at schools but there are lessons here for all individuals & organisations on raising, dealing with & recording concerns. Everybody must be free to raise concerns, no matter how small. Those concerns must be taken seriously & recorded.
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1/My firm filed new #FOIA lawsuit today for @wbaidlaw to compel disclosure of @FBI records re: #whistleblower’s efforts to reveal pattern of falsified intel reports generated by FBI & @CIA that led to unlawful retaliation. Story of #MarkMcConnell told in…
2/In July 2017, McConnell was detailed by Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF) Executive Office to work at Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATFS) at request of JIATFS leadership.
3/Primary reasons for detailing McConnell were to inject agency-agnostic prosecutor perspective into fed law enforcement agency interactions at JIATFS to try & smooth out unproductive competitive interagency law enforcement behaviors ...
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@UNWatch @antonioguterres So, @StephDujarric what exactly is this, then? Is that not an email transmitting the names of @Genghe1 and @Dolkun_Isa? @UNHumanRights admits this in court, they just say it's ok. I'm under investigation for #whistleblowing, not lying. That's your department.
@UNWatch @antonioguterres @StephDujarric @Genghe1 @Dolkun_Isa @UNHumanRights .@LindaT_G @ABlinken it is time to investigate. I have evidence of everything I am saying - when @ministerBlok repeated @UNHumanRights lies to the Dutch parliament, he had to correct the record because laws apply to governments, but not the @UN.
@UNWatch @antonioguterres @StephDujarric @Genghe1 @Dolkun_Isa @UNHumanRights For those paying attention to the @UN's constantly changing story, remember those "protective measures" they claimed? Check the time stamps on the emails. That's Central European Time. He Geng is in California and would have been asleep.
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Today marks eight years since I found out about and reported @UNHumanRights secretly handing names of #Uyghur, #Tibetan and other activists to China. @UN has lied to governments, to the press, to the activists themselves. @antonioguterres investigate and stop complicity. /1
Some @UN stories:
2013-2017: never happened, to @EU_UNGeneva and all govts who asked.
2017: ongoing, in a press release
2018: happened, but @UN was only complicit in international crimes for a full DECADE (2006-2015), so move along.
2019: ongoing, in sworn court testimony. /2
If I had invented such an egregious policy, firing me would be easy. @UN is now investigating me FOR TELLING THE TRUTH. I was not "authorised" to do that, but @UN_Spokesperson was "authorised" to lie. An 8-year cover up implicates all of senior management. /3
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1. posso dire una cosa su @Mov5Stelle? Credo che raramente mi sentiate parlare di politica perché io mi esprimo solo sulle questioni in cui ho una profonda competenza: non ci tengo a ingrossare la fila ( lunghissima in Italia) di chiacchiera a vanvera. Ma voglio dire una cosa
2. voglio dire una cosa sul @Mov5Stelle da comune cittadina,che semplicemente legge e s'informa, NON da giornalista, perché come ripeto,da professionista dell'informazione, commento solo quello in cui sono competente
3. credo anche che sia chiaro che alcune delle idee del @Mov5Stelle NON siano le mie, per esempio quelle di molti di loro sui #migranti. Mentre sono le mie,x esempio, quelle sul #pacifismo e su #trasparenza e #whistleblowing. Detto questo, voglio dire quello che mi colpisce
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The BBC is institutionally transphobic
The BBC is institutionally transphobic
The BBC is institutionally transphobic
The BBC is institutionally transphobic
The BBC is institutionally transphobic
The BBC is institutionally transphobic
The BBC removes support for LGBT children & young people
Secret BBC Wattsapp group overrun with toxic transphobia.

"A senior producer replied: “I would agree, if it was just a case of being nice. But it erases the meaning of ‘woman’, you can’t define women’s rights if you can’t define women."
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For public servants in government,

Recommend reading Stuart Gerson's powerful July 4 essay — essentially an open letter about service to country, rule of law, #patriotism, #whistleblowing and more.👇
2. Our editor's note, with Gerson's essay, lists these earlier pieces:

@schwellenbach, Survivor’s Guide to Being a Successful Whistleblower…

@mcculloughirvin and Tom Devine, Know Your Rights: Conversations with Congress…
3. From editor's note:

@oonahathaway and Sarah Weiner, Dissenting from Within the Trump Administration

"offering a catalog of the ways those working in government can respond when asked to participate in actions they believe to be illegal or unethical"…
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