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#Turkey-#Russia: Is the Marriage of Convenience Nearing the End?” with #SibelEdmonds via #Newsbud
The Litmus Test on #Russia-#Turkey Relations: From #Syria & #Libya to Ukraine & #Crimea. Watch the exclusive program with Sibel Edmonds via #Newsbud Only (Full Episode):
To Join My Community and Tune into All My Videos-Analyses-Articles Subscribe to #Newsbud Here:
#Syria clashes, #Ukraine visit test #Turkey-#Russia relations via @AlMonitor
#Russia: militant attacks come from #Turkey's zone in Syria's #Idlib | Article [AMP] | Reuters…
I wrote this article on #Turkey-#Russia relations in May 2019 & Challenged the #S400 Shenanigans as “Short-Sighted & Temporary”. Today, 9 months later, we see what I predicted. - - - “The Battle for %Idlib: A Wild Card in Turkey’s S-400 Deal”…
If you haven’t watched my latest analysis on #Turkey-#Russia relations based on #Syria #Libya #Crimea and wondering about the latest developments in #Idlib, tune in.
I asked and answered this question in May 2019 (See the thread in Pinned Post). Nonetheless interesting analysis-take on #Turkey-#Russia and #Idlib #Syria - - - @Can Idlib Ruin the Turkey-Russia Entente?“…
Ankara and Moscow trade accusations
Erdogan vows to strike Syrian army ‘everywhere’ if Turkish soldiers attacked, while also talking Idlib de-escalation with Putin — RT World News… #
Russia Accuses Turkey of Breaking Syria Deals, Rejects Erdogan Claim…
Well, with one #Russia Ambassador Assassinated (Still semi unsolved) in #Turkey I’d be concerned too if I were him.- - - ‘I receive direct threats’: Russia’ top diplomat in Turkey describes heated environment amid Idlib tensions”… #
In 3 years all these unsolved assassinations- murders in #Turkey: From #Russia Ambassador to #Khashoggi, #WhiteHelmet’s #LeMessurier and #Iran triple agent #Moulavi. There you have it: #Turkey #AssassinationCentral
#Turkey media accusing #Russia of being Anti-Turkey. Well, in the last few weeks #Turkish media had been totally anti-Russia. See my Pinned Analysis in this, and my exclusive analyses series predicting all this in May 2019 at #Newsbud
The media here in #Turkey also complaining about lack of media coverage of all this in #USA. Well, just like me, with all the yo-yo games,Misinfo, disinformation, one day sucking up to US, the next day sucking up to #Russia ...Not possible to take things seriously on this side😉
#Turkey Gov lacks clear and cohesive #FoteignPolicy. It is reactionary. And it is very short-sighted. The novice maneuvers to use #Russia to blackmail US, then in a matter of few weeks, do the opposite (Try to use siding with #USA against Russua) has gotten old & futile.
Typo- meant foreign policy
Now that I’ve been in #Turkey for 18 months I am able to see the rapid (very rapid) decline first-hand, Up-close & directly. It is so very sad to see this fall- both domestically and internationally. From Human Rights, Freedom and F-Grade media to International standing
Okay, okay #Turkey- I still love the food-produce. It is a great base to travel all over Europe, Central Asia and Mid East for work. Perfect climate for me (Aegean Region). Not sure where I’ll be going next. Possibilities: #Greece, #Spain, #Italy ...
I know I promised a video on the greats-goods-bads-uglies in #Turkey after 18 months relocating here (temporarily). It is coming soon. It will be a long video- That’s for sure.
Let’s Note: In my series of geopolitical analyses covering #Turkey- #Russia (and #S400) I predicted all this 1 year ago (While Turkish media called my coverage “outrageous & impossible”.… Pentagon: Russia and Turkey are on the Verge of an Armed Conflict
Here is one of my analysis and on-record predictions from May 2019 predicting what we see today in #Turkey-#Russia relations (Yes, Turkish media called this “impossible”)- - - The Battle for Idlib: A Wild Card in Turkey’s S-400 Deal…
Here is another article over 9 months ago going on-record predicting #Turkey-#Russia clashes-to-come and shaky #S400 deal. Again,Stenographer Reporters in Turkey attacked It as baseless - - - Exclusive- Turkey-Syria-Russia: Finish Line & Turning Point…
Several reasons why the media in #Turkey got it all wrong on #Russia-Turkey: 1- Almost all journalists here reports what’s handed to them by Gov- verbatim!; 2- Media & Journalism schooling/training: In a very sorry state; 3- Almost all outlets staffed based on nepotism/cronyism
As I have stated here before: The current state of media & journalism in #Turkey mirrors 100% the Soviet Era Pravda journalism of 30+ years ago. Sad, yes! True? Unfortunately a definitive “Yes”!
#BREAKING - #Russian air force struck militants backed by #Turkey that attacked Syrian government forces in #Idlib, helped repel assault.… #
This may be the final turning point in #Russia-#Turkey relations dynamics over #Syria. The media in #Turkey has been issuing contradicting reports claiming success/victories in the latest operations. Ever-changing & heated...I’m closely monitoring reports from both fronts
In my latest analysis on #Russia-#Turkey relations I discussed the ramifications and highly likely outcomes. Here is the video link:
There are other significant areas & factors in #Turkey-#Russia relations (Russian Energy Pipelines to Europe, Etc). On the other hand, on both #Syria & #Libya Russia and Turkey are opposing sides.
Considering #Turkey’s current position/status: Neither economically nor politically it can afford closing #Russia. So I expect it will back off/retreat, while issuing face-saving statements such as another Astana round talk, etc.
Via @ragipsoylu: #BREAKING — 2 Turkish soldiers killed, and five others wounded in Syria’s Idlib after an airstrike hit the Turkish troops — Turkish Defense Ministry
The ministry doesn’t say whether it was Assad regime or Russian airstrike. #Turkey #Russia #Idlib
Also via @ragipsoylu: I can confirm that Turkey had asked Patriots from the US to deter Russia in Idlib.

But we all know that the US won’t provide it while Ankara has S-400s.

I really wonder what officials in Ankara think about their S-400 choice now.
A Very Embarrassing Moment for #Turkey. Very. The gazillion’th time Yo-Yo maneuver in short-sighted #ForeignPolicy. - - - “Turkey Asks U.S. for #Patriot Missiles to Deter #Russia in #Idlib… Via @Bloombergquint
#Russia accuses #Turkey of shelling Syrian army to help militants Reuters…
And it gets even more “Embarrassing”- #Turkey #Russia “Turkey refutes claims on requesting Patriot from US”
See, #Turkey going back to US and begging for #Patriot has been reported as “confirmed” by many Turkish & US sources. See below! #Russia
This is what I’ve been pounding and emphasizing on #Turkey: Disastrous choice of advisors for the President, Short-Sighted Knee-Jerk Reactionary foreign Policy, and evening more so “The Worst Media Hellbent on Destroying Turkey’s credibility & image.
What would have I advised #Turkey Gov if in position: 1- Continue measured & “Consistent” relationship with both #Russia & #USA; 2- Make a mutually beneficial deal with #Syria (peace) with phases out safe return of refugees back to Syria. (To be continued)
(Continued): 3- Remove several key advisors from position; 4- Fire the entire executive level at #TRT-World (Turkish taxpayers have paid “Billions of dollars financing this inept & corrupt media channel); 5- Put focus on production & technology (including tech training)
You see, instead of firing and jailing almost all journalists, and replacing them with Gov agents (and hiring based on nepotism & cronyism) #Turkey needs to put focus on this era’s savvy global media presence.
More from #Russia side reporting: “Turkish-backed militant attack in Idlib was doomed to fail – why launch it? !”…
One plausible reason: The current Gov’s need for distraction from many failing policies, rising dissent, economic downturn. Like it or not: using suicidal ear maneuvers as a pathetic “wag the dog” attempt is NOT rare😉
And it gets hotter: “#Turkey's #Erdogan says will not withdraw from #Syria's…
#Russia Accuses #Turkey of Lying on “Refugees” from #Syria - - - “Reports of ‘hundreds of thousands’ of civilians heading to Turkish border because of hostilities in #Idlib not true – Russian MoD”… #
Of course it is a known fact that #Turkey has “Weaponized” #Syrian Refugee Crises in its dealing with #EU... “If you don’t do X for us we’ll dump tens of thousands of refugees into your backyard” motto has been consistently used by Turkey in the past 9 months.
It is way too obvious: Create all the Crises, then use the existence of the Crises for other objectives. In this case the cause of escalation is #Turkey and Turkey-backed rebels offensives in #Syria.
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