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A thread of my threads since I started writing in April, 🧵 because it has been hard to keep track through @Twitter:

1/ THREAD 1: Hypercoagulable State in COVID19 [10 Apr 2020]…
2/ THREAD 2: COVID19 as a Biphasic Disease of Hypercoagulable State and Endothelial Damage Followed by Immune Response [12 Apr 2020]…
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"The live SARS-like coronavirus SL-CoV-WIV1 has been isolated for the first time from bat droppings; and such virus has been confirmed to invade the host cells through the ACE2 of human beings..." ImageImageImage
Bat Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Like Coronavirus WIV1
Encodes an Extra Accessory Protein, ORFX, Involved in Modulation of the Host Immune Response. (2016) #ZhengLiShi #PeterDaszak #EcoHealth
Funding: #NIAID 110964 ImageImageImageImage
In this study, we have developed a fast and cost-effective method
for reverse genetics of coronaviruses by combining two approaches developed by others..As the genomes can be divided into multiple short fragments, mutations can be introduced into individual
fragments easily. ImageImageImageImage
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1/ THREAD: #COVIDー19, Pregnancy, and #ACE2
A thought has been tugging at me for a few days. Currently, ACE inhibitors are pregnancy category C in the 1sr trimester and category D in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.
#SARSCoV2 #COVID2019 #Covid_19…
2/ Teratogenicity, 1st trimester exposure to ACE inhibitors, and fetal anomalies/congenital malformations has been debated. Most malformations identified were various cardiac septal defects.…
3/ That being said, 2nd and 3rd trimester exposure to ACE inhibitors is associated with oligohydramnios, hypocalvaria, anuria, renal failure, neonatal hypotension, and patent ductus arteriosus.…
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(1/8) #ACE2, which also likely coats the virus and hijacks the B(0)AT1 / #SLC6A19 amino acid transporter pathway, is the viral entry mechanism for #SARSCoV2. ACE2 is a co-receptor with SLC6A19. Hartnup disease (…) is characterized by mutations in #SLC6A19.
(2/8) If #SARSCoV2 #COVID #coronavirus is interfering with the ACE2-B(0)AT1 complex (see structural data below and at…), and/or collectrin (which shares significant homology with ACE2 and is an unexplored potential mechanism of entry for SARS as well)...
(3/8) is mechanistically likely that we will see many symptoms of #COVID19 / #COVID / #CORONAVIRUS / #SARSCoV2 that overlap with Hartnup disease.

"Excessive amounts of amino acids, such as tryptophan, are excreted in the urine."
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Una carta publicada en @TheLancet encuentra finalmente respuestas a las preguntas sobre las tan comunes lesiones dermatológicas en los dedos (#covidtoes) que estamos viendo durante la infección por el #COVID19 #COVID19Pandemic. Abro hilo
Los autores han realizado autopsias a dos pacientes y en ambos han encontrado la presencia de virus en las células endoteliales (las que forman los vasos sanguíneos) en distintos órganos, lo que explicaría el daño vascular que afecta a los pacientes que sufren la infección.
Si bien el virus usa habitualmente el receptor #Ace2 para crear el daño a nivel pulmonar, ya que éste se encuentra muy abundante en los neumocitos del epitelio alveolar (células del pulmón) y que es lo que provoca la famosa pneumonia por covid,
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1/ #ACE2 is present in the aqueous humor (AH) of the eye

—> Ciliary body epithelial is the site of AH production

—> Ciliary body —> short ciliary nerves —> nasocilliary nerve —> trigeminal ganglion —> brainstem

@DGlaucomflecken @NeurologyToday @tmprowell @marklewismd ImageImageImage
2/ —>Ciliary body —> long ciliary nerves —> ciliary ganglion —> Carotid plexus AND Trigeminal plexis —> brainstem

@DGlaucomflecken @NeurologyToday @tmprowell @marklewismd
3/ Pertinent papers:

High expression of ACE2 receptor of 2019-nCoV on the epithelial cells of oral mucosa…

Many Faces of Renin-angiotensin System - Focus on Eye…
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THREAD from the new #bradykinin research (pre-print) from 🇳🇱:

"We propose that the severity of the disease and many deaths are due to a local vascular problem due to activation of B1 receptors on #endothelial cells in the lungs."

#COVID19 #kinins…
➡️"the B1 receptor on endothelial cells is upregulated by proinflammatory #cytokines

➡️ Without #ACE2 acting as a guardian to inactivate the ligands of B1, the lung environment is prone for local vascular leakage leading to #angioedema"


#bradykinin #COVID19
➡️"... and might explain the typical #CTscans and the feeling of people that they drown.

➡️In some pt., this is followed by a clinical worsening of disease around day 9 due to the formation antibodies directed against the spike (S)-antigen of #SARSCoV2 that binds to #ACE2"
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1/ Using our @Geneticure platform, we’ve developed a #COVID19 solution, potentially creating an important short-term advance until a vaccine. Sharing details here w/the hope to reach the right eyeballs at research/funding partners who want to join us on the mission.
2/ One of the most common co-morbidities in patients who develop severe illness is #hypertension, an area where we have profound expertise on the genetics of the disease and treatment response.
3/ Like in hypertension treatment, we have identified genetic influences within the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) that we believe will be beneficial in predicting severity of, and guiding treatment for, COVID19 patients.
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1/ Big thanks all of you on @Twitter for the interest in my thread regarding current literature on #microthrombi and #COVID19!

It’s late, so of course, more thinking and more questions about #SARSCoV2


@ASH_hematology @EricTopol @tmprowell @kari_jerge #medtwitter
2/ Conclusion 1: I am convinced the primary driver of #SARSCOV2 infection is in asymptomatic individuals #medtwitter #nursetwitter #epitwitter

SARS-CoV-2 titers in wastewater are higher than expected from clinically confirmed cases…
3/ Conclusion 2: #SARSCOV2 does not discriminate. It literally infects EVERYONE.

Newborns, kids, young adults, elderly you name it…it’s infected it. Everyone has #Ace2 receptors.

Children ARE getting it (see #China data and reports of acro-ischemia and
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Although related to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (#SARSCoV) & the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (#MERS), #COVID19 virus #SARSCoV2 shows some peculiar pathogenetic, epidemiological & clinical features which have not been completely understood to date.
#SARSCoV2 is more phylogenetically related to #SARSCoV than to #MERS. Only minor differences have been found in the #genome sequences of SARS-CoV-2 comparing with SARS-CoV. SARS-CoV-2 affinity for angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (#ACE2) receptor is higher than in SARS-CoV.
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"The Lancet‘s fraudulent concealment of genetics, and its own conflicting interests, while condemning #coronavirus conspiracy theorists, gives the appearance of “crisis capitalism,” and complicity in the COVID-19-SARS/HIV-1 #Wuhan ‘Event 201‘ biocrime." Image
The 'Scientific' arguments going on behind the scenes on #Covid_19 should be a wake-up call to the 'TRUE' dangers the world is being exposed to! 'BOTH' sides of the argument are labelling the other 'Conspiracy Theorists'. Only one of them can be! Image
The Lancet writes that "Conspiracy theories do nothing but create fear, rumours, and prejudice...." #Covid_19 Image
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Starting a series on clinical Pearls I am gathering in #COVID19 patients based on experiences of many experts

Will add as we go along

Feel free to add your own observations/experiences

#covidclinicalpearls /1
Anosmia is likely the most specific #COVID19 related symptom
30% of patients have anosmia as their 1st symptom
#covidclinicalpearls /2
Around 90% of patients have fever.
50% maybe afebrile at the time of presentation
Fever tends to be very resistant to routine measures in hospitalized patients
There is no consensus that NSAIDs are to be avoided in #COVID2019 patients

#covidclinicalpearls /3
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1) #coronavirus la buona notizia: un cluster di persone curato "al nord" è guarito in 4 giorni con questo mix antivirale, e azitromicina in flebo, #clorochina solfato per os. (cioè per via orale), attenzione a evitare antipertensivi e ibuprofene: sono aggravanti. Tutto OK allora?
2) NO, anche se Il tutto è perfettamente in linea con le pubblicazioni sugli #ace2 e sui protocolli terapeutici. Il problema è che la cura va iniziata subito, ai primi sintomi . Tutt’ora invece ci sono persone che aspettano giorni a casa e vi muoiono pure PERCHE’ nessuno va
3) nessuno va da loro a fare i tamponi. Qualcuno (che conosco) deve pregare in ginocchio il medico di famiglia , che comunque il tampone non lo può fare. Però il tampone si può fare a pagamento, dai 50 ai 90 euro in un laboratorio privato. Ma guarda. Una storia già conosciuta .
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Un estudio reciente muestra que el #Covid_19 (SARS-CoV-2) "sobrevive" un día sobre cartón, y alrededor de dos o tres días en acero y plástico.…
El #SARS_COV_2 no es la #gripe. Causa una enfermedad con diferentes síntomas, se propaga y mata más fácilmente, y pertenece a una familia de virus completamente diferente.
La estructura del #virus proporciona algunas pistas sobre su éxito. Es como una bola puntiaguda. Esos picos reconocen y se adhieren a una proteína llamada #ACE2, que se encuentra en la superficie de nuestras células.
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THREAD - #COVIDー19 #coronavirus #SARS_COV_2 #FLU Do your home work on #VitaminD3 and #VitaminC. Not enough money in it? Why isn’t anyone promoting it? What’s the 25OHD serum levels of those infected or that have died?…
As an A1AD carrier and 15+yearly sufferer of chronic #bronchitis needing multiple antibiotics every year prior to ‘09 #swineflu scare - I thought if I got It I wouldn’t survive.
I read up on# respiratory issues and the benefits of #VitaminD3. So I started a 5000iu/day regime in ‘09 raising my 25OHD serum levels to 60 ng/ml. I have not had #bronchitis an antibiotic or the #flu since, no longer needed an inhaler for my asthma. Just wanted to put this out
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Aangezien ik regelmatig van vrienden/bekenden vragen krijg als: “Ben jij nou bang voor het coronavirus?”, “Wat denk jij ervan?”, of “moet ik mij nou zorgen maken”. En ondanks dat ik geen geneeskunde maar biologie heb gestudeerd geef ik ze altijd het volgende antwoord:

Een draad:
Nee, ik ben niet bang voor het #sars_cov_2 virus. En nee #COVID19 is niet zo onschuldig als een griep, maar ook niet zo gevaarlijk als men denkt. Je hoeft je alleen zorgen te maken om de zwakkeren en ouderen (60+) in onze omgeving. Dus ik geef ze altijd de volgende tips:
Was je handen regelmatig met #zeep. Zeep is een wondermiddel! Waarom? Het nieuwe #coronavirus heeft een ‘envelop’ wat betekent dat het een celmembraan heeft. Dat membraan bestaat uit vetten en deze vallen uitéén als dit in aanraking komt met zeep.
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What's in a name?
Why @WHO's formal name for the new #coronavirus #disease matters:…

#COVID19 #Covid_19
1. Wash your hands often and/or use hand sanitizer more frequently.

2. Try not to touch your face... 🙈

3. Cough into your shirt or arm.

4. Stay home when you are sick.


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