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I don't have any of the details of this situation in #Croatia yet (guessing it's more like she was arrested by Croatian police on an Interpol red notice??), but no country should ever extradite anyone to #Turkmenistan due to the risk of torture & disappearance in custody there.
If that is the situation, then hopefully the authorities in #Croatia will come to their senses soon. This kind of thing happens far too often: a brutal dictatorship abuses the Interpol system to try to get their hands on activists & perceived opponents abroad.
Oftentimes, it’s a low-level officer just reading things off a computer screen & detaining the person when the red notice pops up. Eventually, someone higher up sees the situation, realises it’s a dictatorship trying to abuse the international system, and releases the person.
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"Carter Page provided an April 15, 2013, briefing document authored by Russian trade diplomat, Ksenia Yudaeva, on Russia’s priorities for a summit of the 20 richest countries in the world to be held in St. Petersburg in September 2013."…
"According to published reports, the FBI obtained a first FISA warrant to eavesdrop on Page’s electronic communications during 2013."

Link goes to the infamous April 11, 2017, Washington Post article authored by Nakashima, Barrett, and Entous.

But, bad as the Post can be, there's no mention of a 2013 FISA on Carter Page in here...…
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My latest with @adalatseeker and @boshikh for @OCCRP: We tracked down the secretive relative of #Turkmenistan's longtime dictator who controls the country's monopoly mobile phone operator.
How secretive is Shyhmyrat Shaharliyev, the director of #Turkmenistan's monopoly mobile operator Altyn Asyr (TMCell)? He has never made a public appearance as director!

During most of the investigation, we only had an image of his torso (the man at the center) from social media.
Only later did we manage to identify him in 3 seconds of footage from #Turkmenistan state TV. Three seconds are his only public appearance!!!

Why so secretive? Likely because he doesn't want the public to realize he's related to longtime president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov...
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On the sidelines of #OIC48CFM, FM @SMQureshiPTI held 1️⃣6️⃣ bilateral interactions with visiting dignitaries.

Follow this thread for details ⬇️

FM @SMQureshiPTI met FM Sameh Hassan Shoukry of Arab Republic of #Egypt ahead of #OIC48CFM.

➖ They exchanged views & perspectives on a wide range of bilateral, regional & int’l issues.

🗓 20 March 2021



FM @SMQureshiPTI met the SG @OIC_OCI HE Hissein Brahim Taha ahead of #OIC48CFM.

➖They reviews agenda & exchanged views on expected outcomes.

➖They also discussed issues confronting the Ummah.

🗓 21 March 2022


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1.#Turkmenistan is undergoing a presidential succession. Despite the isolation imposed by geography and its political system, this country has played an important role in Eurasian energy politics. A recapping thread 👇…
2.Through the lenses of Turkmen energy history, one can trace 30 years of shifts in international politics including the USSR collapse, the US unipolar moment, the war on terror, Russia’s resurgence (well…) and China’s rise.
3. At the collapse of the USSR, newly independent Turkmenistan was a peripheral, impoverished state. Yet, an untapped treasure lied beneath its soil: 13.6 tcm of natural gas reserves (7% of global reserves), making Turkmenistan the fourth in the world.
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Our newest release is coming your way next week!! Over the next few days I'm going to tell you all about the beer, the story behind it and why it's so symbolic. Let's start here. What is Nowruz? It's the #Persian New Year! #Nowruz falls on the first day of Spring (March 20th) 1/3 Image
It's the largest celebration and the traditions extend for several weeks. More than 300M people celebrate #Norwuz - including select populations from #Afghanistan, #Iraq, #Albania, #Uzbekistan, #Azerbaijan, #India, #Kazakstan, #Pakistan, #Turkey & #Turkmenistan (among others) 2/3
The word "#Nowruz" translates to "New Day", as it marks a celebration of new beginnings. so it only made sense to name our beer NEW DAY IPA. That's it for now! If you got to this point, thanks for reading. Any questions, comment below! 3/3 Image
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Local sources in #Jawzjan told me that at 9:30 a.m. today, in the #Khamyab district, on the #AFG-#Turkmenistan border, the #Taliban started clash with Turkmen border guards.
At least, 4 Turkmen soldiers were reportedly #killed& two Turkmen border posts were set on fire by the TB.
A source told me that as a revenge for the previous killing of civilians by Turkmen guards, today initially the #Taliban targeted a #Turkmenistan border guards' vehicle patrolling in the area, burning the vehicle& killing those on board. Then both sides clashed with each other...
...The killing of Afghan civilians by Turkmenistan guards in the border area in previous days took place, when Afghans were collecting a precious plant (Shirin Boya) in the area.
Mullah Jura, a Turkmen from Jawzjan, is the #Taliban's commander for #AFG border forces in the area.
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📡✈️ I wrote an article about how aircraft traffic situational awareness can be improved by capturing aircraft transponder signals, using open source-based software defined radio receivers

Let's consider the Islamic Emirate of #Afghanistan's airspace

cc @TGhazniwal2 @TGhazniwal
Here's what I wrote last time about #Iraq, and how to improve aircraft traffic situational awareness over Iraq, by capturing the transponder transmissions the aircraft are broadcasting. #ModeS #ADSB #ADSBexchange… Image
The largest cities in Afghanistan are #Kabul, #Herat, #Mazar_e_Sharif, #Kandahar, and #Jalalabad. If any cities in #Afghanistan were to have telecom infrastructure and internet access, it's those five cities. Image
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'Soykırıma uğrayan tek hayvan' ama neden?

Buzul çağından kalan mumyalaşmış cesetlerde safkan kalan tek at ırkı olarak biliniyor. Üç bin yıl önce insanlığın evcilleştirdiği ilk at türü. Manas Destanı ve Dede Korkut hikayelerinde bile adı geçiyor.
Müthiş bir görselliğe sahip olan Ahal Teke’ler, Türkmen atı olarak da biliniyor. Dünyada At Bakanlığının olduğu tek ülke #Türkmenistan’ın Ahal vilayetinde yaşıyor. Şu anda dünya üzerine 7 bin civarı Ahal Teke kaldığı söyleniyor.
‘Soykırıma uğrayan tek hayvan olarak’ ifade edilmesinin nedeni ise 2. Dünya Savaşı sırasında Türkmen direnişini kırmak için Stalin’in 80 bin Ahal Teke atını katletmesi.
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#Afghanistan intrige: minerale rijkdom, pijptransport en klimaatbeleid.

TAPI gaspijplijn (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) in aanbouw, is slecht voor #Rusland en #Iran, maar goed voor de VS, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, ... maar politieke stabiliteit is nodig.
Deze TAPI pijplijn past binnen het klimaatbeleid van overschakeling naar gas. Het is een moderne zijderoute met investeerders en contractanten uit UK, Saoedi-Arabië, Duitsland, Argentinië, VS, Nederland, ...
Ook hoogspannings- en spoorlijn vanuit Turkmenistan naar Afghanistan.
#Taliban onderhandelde hierover met #Turkmenistan in februari 2021 onder auspiciën van de VS zonder de toenmalige Afghaanse regering hierbij te betrekken. Net zoals de akkoorden van Doha in 2020 tussen de VS en Taliban gesloten zijn zonder de officiële regering van Afghanistan.
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Help me list out companies mandating employee or customer💉jabs (link your source in the comments).👇🤓

The list will be used as reference material in #Nuremberg2

Ok, I'll start: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google #FANG👹 >> for all employees.

A few highlights as I find them from the current episode of the corona hunger games:

1. Amazon:

2. Disney. Where you know it's all about the kids who happen to be more at risk of death driving to the park than of the disease. 👻 Image
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Today, the House Armed Services Committee held a full hearing for "An Update on #Afghanistan."

Witnesses were ASD David Helvey (OSD) & BGen Matt Trollinger (Joint Staff). It was a *long* hearing. I'll post a summary in this THREAD. 1/n
(If you'd like to watch the whole thing, here's the link:…. Note that what follows aren't quotes, but my paraphrases of their comments). 2/n
Chairman Smith opening remarks: This hearing will focus on key questions, such as: What is the process for US withdrawal from #Afghanistan & what’s our strategy going forward? Also, what our lessons learned from the past 20 years? 3/n
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Happening now: @CENTCOM Commander Gen Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie, @USAfricaCommand Commander Gen Stephen Townsend & @DeptofDefense Acting UnderSec Amanda Dory testify at the House Armed Services Committee
"In #Afghanistan, our mission has been preventing terrorist groups from using the country to threaten the interests & security of the UnitedStates, our allies & partners" acting Deputy UnderSec Dory tells lawmakers "After 2 decades...we have accomplished that mission"
"We are focused on working closely w/the Afghan gvt & our @NATO allies to responsibly conclude Operation resolute Support in #Afghanistan" per @CENTCOM Commander Gen McKenzie "This is my main effort, at present"
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1/. QUESTION: What’s the worst day of the year for dictators, despots & populist autocrats?

ANSWER: April 7

Tomorrow, @amnesty release our annual 2020/21 report covering the state of #HumanRights in 149 countries

JOURNALISTS: For a copy or to an interview👉
“How's life in your country?"
"We can't complain"

This cartoon was about #Turkey but it also applies to:
#Somalia etc.
“I don’t care if they respect me, so long as they fear me.” (Caligula)

At @amnesty we don’t respect dictators, autocrats & human rights abusers

We don’t fear them either

As we publish Annual Report, here’s a guide for dictators human on ‘how to respond’…
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The Indo-Greeks were on decline & the grounds were fertile for yet another invasion of #India. This time it was the Yuezhi tribe of Gansu from #China. They established the #KushanEmpire.

This #thread is about Kushans & how they became Indianised, unlike later Islam!c invaders.
The Kushans started to establish themselves as a major power around 30 CE with Kujula Kadphises forming a confederacy of various tribes from China.

They adopted Greek as their court language, which was soon replaced by Bactrian, the popular local language.
They also adopted #Buddhism & #Hinduism as their religion. They issued coins with Hindu Gods like Shiva with a trishul & Buddha in Abhaya mudra.

This was unlike the later Islam!c invasions where the invaders would try to obliterate local languages and religions.
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#Turkmenistan #Aşgabat #Coronavirus

The Turkmen ruler Gurbanguli Berdimuchamedow claims to have discovered another miracle cure for the coronavirus: licorice. "Scientists from every country are looking for effective remedies, and one of them could be licorice root,"
said the authoritarian head of state at a meeting with his cabinet and commissioned the Academy of Sciences with studies on the medicinal properties of the plant. The former dentist had already advised in March to inhale rue smoke in the fight against Corona.
Since then, prices for the aromatic herb have exploded. Coincidentally, rue and liquorice are found in abundance in the former Central Asian Soviet Republic.
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Join the people and friends of @LivingWaterLC for online All Saints’ Sunday worship here: . #AllSaintsDay #AllSaintsSunday @pudicat11 @GingerLGriffin @StevePierce17 @KSPrior @ReynoldsShook @halehawk
Join the people and friends of @LivingWaterLC for online All Saints’ Sunday worship here: . @TheNALC @WaltsDisneyland @EllenPotts13 @1artsciencelife #tribulation #life #Christ #faith #joy
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This thread is dedicated to the next armed conflict/#war #Azerbaijan vs #Armenia. You heard it here 1st folks. The #EU is silent on Azerbaijan aggression to Armenia to appease #Turkey who by the way is making ground in #Libya. Will #Moscow back Armenia?…
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#Białoruś Wczorajszy dzień mijał zarówno pod kątem protestów, jak i reakcji innych państw na „wynik” (w dużym cudzysłowie) wyborów na Białorusi. W przypadku państw #Kaukaz i #AzjaCentralna równie ważne od tego „jak zareagowały?”, jest pytanie: „dlaczego?”. #Thread 1/11 Image
#Białoruś Przypomnijmy: wczoraj z gratulacjami dla Aleksandra Łukaszenki drogą dyplomatyczną pośpieszyli przywódcy #Armenia #Azerbejdżan #Kazachstan #Kirgistan #Tadżykistan #Uzbekistan; Nie zrobili tego dotąd liderzy #Gruzja i #Turkmenistan 2/11
#Białoruś, #Armenia, #Kazachstan i #Kirgistan są wspólnie członkami rozwijanej przez #Rosja Eurazjatyckiej Unii Gospodarczej #EUG (+Uzbekistan jest obserwatorem) oraz Organizacji Układu o Bezpieczeństwie Zbiorowym #OUBZ, do której należy również #Tadżykistan 3/11
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We hope our followers are safe and enjoying their summer! We've prepared a thread showcasing the many contributions that our staff + students made to the international debate on #EastEurope|an #Russia|n + #Eurasia|n Studies in the last few months. 1/
Huseyn Aliyev's latest article appeared on #Eurasia|n Geography + Economics. When neighbourhood goes to war. Exploring the effect of belonging on violent mobilization in #Ukraine.…
With a open access chapter on NTA & the Promotion of Cultural Identities, @Taaveti contributed to the first annual publication of @ENTAN_org, an EU Horizon 2020-funded COST Action:…
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#COVID-19 #Turkmenistan Rozpoczęła się, długo odwlekana przez władze w Aschabadzie, wizyta zespołu ekspertów #WHO w Turkmemistanie, który pozostaje jednym z 12 państw świata oficjalnie wolnych od #COVID-19, jednak nieoficjalne dane o rozwoju epidemii są alarmujące. THREAD 1/7
W gronie 12 państw świata bez #COVID-19, #Turkmenistan jest drugim państwem pod względem wielkości populacji (6 mln), ustępując jedynie Korei Płn. Turkmenistan zamknął granice, wprowadził szereg restrykcji w życiu publicznym, co najmniej kilkaset osób poddano kwarantannie. 2/7
Władze jednocześnie prowadziły politykę konsekwentnego zaprzeczania możliwości pojawienia się #COVID-19 w Turkmenistanie. Wprowadzono surowe kary za fake news (czytaj informacje o epidemii w kraju), zakazywano używania słowa „koronawirus”, ukrywano ośrodki kwarantanny. 3/7
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Individuals should never be imprisoned for peaceful activism. I urge Central Asian leaders to release prisoners held for these legitimate acts, including cases across #Kazakhstan, #Kyrgyzstan, #Tajikistan, #Turkmenistan & #Uzbekistan. The #COVID19 prison risk raises the stakes.
Aset Abishev was arrested in Kazakhstan for posts in support of Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan movement. @freedomhouse cited his case as an example of Kazakhstan persecuting opposition parties. He has been punished for expressing concerns about prison conditions & #COVID19.
Maks Bokayev was arrested in Kazakhstan for his work fighting for the environment, expression & against torture. The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention said his detention was based on his exercise of “freedom of expression & freedom of assembly.” He’s at high #COVID19 risk.
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#COVID-19 nie ustępuje #AzjaCentralna. Kraje regionu #Kazachstan #Kirgistan #Uzbekistan #Tadżykistan #Turkmenistan nie zdążyły w pełni odnotować pierwszego szczytu zakażeń, a już muszą borykać się z ich drugą falą. Nie pomogło w tym znoszenie restrykcji w maju br. THREAD 1/15
#COVID-19 #Kazachstan #Uzbekistan i #Kirgistan, po oficjalnym stwierdzeniu pierwszych zakażeń w marcu br., w ramach walki z pandemią wprowadziły restrykcje w życiu publicznym. Konieczność ratowania sytuacji gospodarczej zmusiła je jednak do znoszenia ograniczeń w maju br. 2/15
#COVID-19 #Kazachstan #Uzbekistan i #Kirgistan Liczba zakażeń stale rosła, a poluzowanie obostrzeń tylko zwiększyło ich dynamikę. Zakażenia dotknęły osoby ze szczytów władzy (ministrowie, w tym zdrowia), członkowie administracji prezydenckich, samego Nursułtana Nazarbajewa. 3/15
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