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The #Democrats are not on trial. Their job was to raise doubts as to the legitimacy of our #President & they spent THREE YEARS dealing in obfuscation & misdirection. Four hours of #Republican retaliation is not going to make it “disappear.” They are not going be intimidated or
2/ silenced by facts. This is a VENDETTA. Their raison d’ête. It’s what gets them up in the morning & carries them through another interminable day of innuendo, fabrication, & deceit with straight faces. Their fear of #Trump is only outweighed by their total hatred for a man who
3/ is an “OUTSIDER” & could not only handle political animals of all stripes but do it with an ease never seen before in a President. Many #Democrats who have been making careers for DECADES in politics were stunned. Envious. And angry. He was supposed to be an ordinary
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How much did Obama know about Burisma?

Mykola Zlochevsky founded Burisma in 2006 and also became a government official

Licensed HIMSELF to develop gas fields


Devon Archer visits White House April 16 to meet Biden

April 21 Joe makes a trip to Kyiv...
With terms for USAID for Ukraine Natural Gas industry

April 22 Devon Archer named to Burisma board

May 13 Hunter Biden is named to the board of Burisma

FAST FORWARD 2016 and back to Zlochevsky

Ukraine seizes Zlochevsky's property and he is placed on wanted list

Zlochevsky fled the country

Ukraine then seized Burisma's gas wells and began tax evasion investigation of Zlochevsky

Zlochevsky then hired former Obama DOJ lawyer John Buretta and a consulting firm run by former Clinton administration officials

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I think it’s time for a long thread. And I’ll title this:

“Systemic Racism is Subtle, and Deserves Deliberate Action Against it. That means I’ll Listen.”

I hope you’ll read everything I have to say:

#TeamPete #BLM #Democrats #Bernie2020 #Warren2020 #Biden2020
For a long, long time I’ve supported #BLM. I’ve donated money, argued for the group’s causes, ostracized friends and family in absolute devotion to the cause of eliminating systemic racism and destroying police brutality. (1)
One of my best pieces of writing came in defense of Colin Kaepernick, where I wrote against a community in West Virginia that didn’t just disagree with me, but hated my position. (2)
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Quite awhile back the social media guru #ThomasWictor did a beautiful thread on this and I can’t possibly do it justice, but it’s worth mentioning.
So what is a Judas goat?
It’s a goat that is trained to become part of...
2/17 A flock of other animals, but with a difference.
It’s a dominant animal and becomes the leader of the flock.
The Sheep will follow this #JudasGoat wherever it goes.
When it comes time for the sheep to be slaughtered the goat will lead them down the chute and as they
3/17 get to the slaughter chute, the Judas Goat takes another door.
The sheep think they sre still following him but it’s too late... their fate is sealed.
So why am I talking about this?
I’m not laying any claim to know anything, just an observation.
#Think have the..
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Support✨Democrats Work For America✨

We're people-funded pac committed to electing #Democrats by
✔️targeting winnable races
✔️registering, protecting, engaging, mobilizing voters
✔️building coalitions; maximizing #GOTV efforts


🔁@DemsWork4USA, we're working hard & smart to organize, involve & channel grassroots activists to help #WinBlue, including assessing, vetting & early support of candidates in a multi-layered strategy.

🙏Support our work. Give if you can.

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Wrong Nancy,
#Democrats, #Marxists, #Socialists, Saul Alinsky clones or however you identify "today"

The people are not as stupid as you think we all are.

You have not even sent the Articles of impeachment (charges) to the Senate.
Your #impeachment is designed to carry on and on for as long as possible.
It stops the Senate from pursuing other serious issues.
Your severe issues in regards to accusations of corruption and enriching yourselves and families unlawfully.
Taking kickbacks
Or setting up shell companies for the purpose of creating companies on paper only.

There after,
another person
(hired or friends) applies for foreign aid, IMF, USAID etc.

Gets approved,
So then you falsely invoice for services received frI'm another shell (fake) company.
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Great thread and 100% accurate 👇👇👇
MissMAGA2016 (@MissMaga2016) Tweeted:
19 of the hypocritical #Democrats who want to ban meat were at the Iowa #SteakFry, though they only mentioned a few in here:

Kamala Harris
Cory Booker

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John Kerry apprises the Iranian Government that they should ignore Trump because he will be gone soon
1) #Iran #Kerry #Obama
— and Iran sees what CNN says — and they push harder, an attack on the US Embassy, the killing of an American. After all, why not. America gave in and pandered to their threats for 8 years under Obama and Kerry is telling them to keep going. 2)
And Barack Obama is busy telling the Europeans that “don’t worry about Trump. He’ll be gone soon”, so they slow down their payments to NATO and slow down any trade negotiations to wait out Trump. 3)
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LMAOOOO......go right ahead and peel off your masks again

The #Democrats are going to protest the killing of Iranian terrorist Soleimani, including groups funded by Soros. Same paid protesters who did NOT want us to do anything after 9/11.
Ahhh, so ANSWER is run by the "Workers World Party ."

Just take a wild guess what that is...….
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Thread - The Fasces Throughout History
@SpeakerPelosi has been wearing a particular pin multiple times throughout the #ImpeachmentHoax & I was curious what it meant.

I believe it is the "Fasces" which was the original symbol of #Fasism under Mussolini.
The #Fasces is an ancient Imperial Roman symbol of power carried by victors in front of magistrates. It depicts a bundle of sticks with an axe, indicating power over life and death.

The nefarious symbolism of the #Fasces in the ancient Roman Empire took on a different denotation in the birth of America, especially noted at the #LincolnMemorial.

Read on to see my opinion of @SpeakerPelosi's pin.

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The letter shows conclusively that the #Democrats are committing #Treason. This web of liars must be arrested & put on trial for treason and executed for the traitors that they are.…

@DonaldJTrumpJr @TomFitton @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y
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McDonnell is talking about dismissing the #Impeachment of @realDonaldTrump after opening statements

If you REALLY want to put the #Democrats feet to the 🔥, you drag this 💩 out as LONG as possible

Bring ALL of the #Corruption to the forefront


An expediated trial makes it appear as though there IS coverup, which in essence, could be detrimental to #Trump2020

The #MSM has been controlling the narrative since BEFORE he was elected, and the only way to extinguish the gaslighting is with the FACTS...

@senatemajldr THIS is your shot to prove you are #ForThePeople

Bring the #Corruption from #DarkToLight

If you don't, YOUR actions will prove, to #WeThePeople, that you are what many think, in fact, a part of the #Swamp

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“MAY not have been illegal?” Any ordinary person & his wife would have been dragged out of bed at 5AM, had his home ransacked & then thrown in jail for 20 yrs after a cursory trial based on hearsay. Our Constitution has been abrogated. If we do not put people in jail
2/ all of this will not only happen again, it will become the #Democrats modus operandi for “winning elections.” Any meaningful counter will not be permitted & our system of laws will become immaterial & irrelevant for anyone desiring to affect politics. The trickle-down effects
3/ will be permanent & a disaster for a country once proudly built “on the rule of law & justice for all.” If there is no justice for a President who used EVERY government agency at his disposal to destroy a candidate, his family, his Cabinet, & his LIFE; we have NOTHING. These
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I wonder if when I say “the #Democrats are willing to do ANYTHING to regain power,” if anyone really understands WHAT that could mean. This is a party so desperate they are willing to annihilate people. Anyone who stands in their way. LiterallY. I have often thought we are not
2/ so far away from public utilities rationing water, gas & electric based on POLITICS. After observing Adam Schiff these last weeks he personifies that lack of morality and a willingness to break centuries of Congressional House laws and the Constitution itself to do ANYthing.
3/ Part of this is fear of discovery. The #DeepState is so riddled with so much corruption & perversion that has existed for decades; it is willing to exact any measures necessary to keep it hidden. And this involves more than just #Democrats We see prominent #Republicans , too
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@mrhortywho @havameow @NunesSideCow @SuzAtTheLibrary @willchamberlain @esqonfire @realDonaldTrump 2. Or do you mean this kind of critical research of YOUR OWN linked article in an ADMITTED liberal bias media source?!

So at a time (same now if country is still supposedly so racist) when black tenants in a white building would slash rental income, so corporate profits, so....
@mrhortywho @havameow @NunesSideCow @SuzAtTheLibrary @willchamberlain @esqonfire @realDonaldTrump 3. So at a time when black tenants in a white building would slash rental income, so corporate profits, so staff wages and bonuses, THE MANAGEMENT of a company THE Trumps owned discriminated against black MEN

And preferred white WOMEN to them

How many places TODAY turn away...
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If we had a border with China, what do you think would happen? No matter what their Great Wall was built for, it now keeps their citizens from leaving.
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When Guatemala had its Civil War from 1969-1996 between the farmers and the government, we supplied the Guatemalan Army with military grade weapons & ammo. At the end of the war the farmers returned to their farms; but what was the Army to do without food? They sold the weapons
2/ to the #Mexican Cartels. Since the late 90’s, they have been able to afford their own cache of superior weaponry with billions in drug money. The Mexican Army was recently soundly defeated when the Cartels took back the son of El Chapo. They can be as ruthless as ISIS, just
3/ not usually as midieval. In this proposed war, the ROE must be relaxed to allow for the fact the Cartels will not hesitate to use women & children as collateral damage. More important, we must find who in our OWN government supports the Cartels. We cannot afford loose ends or
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So, not only are the #Democrats trying to get many years of President Trump’s financial records, they’re also trying to get records on Barron Trump & all 10 of Trump’s grandkids, including the 3 month old.

Not only that, they already obtained FinCEN records of..wait for it....
...they obtained FinCEN records, some of which were obtained based on mistaken identities. AGAIN.

So, now Congress has the records of other private citizens and businesses completely unrelated to the Trumps, who just happen to have the same last name.
Remember how Avenatti got access to a Michael Cohen’s financial records, but it was the wrong Michael Cohen?…
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#Impeachment Hearings reinforced the #TrumpBribery story for staunch #Democrats, but did it get critical conversion votes from any 2016 #Trump supporters, who are already immune from #media distortion? #Trump2020 net-benefit:
Formidable rhetorical skills on full display from #Republican lawmakers, compelled to make best use of limited time granted by #AdamSchiff.

"They Got Caught"
#DevonNunes warming to his role as House IC Minority spokesman, finds loophole in House Rules:
Expert litigator Rep. #JohnRatcliffe, R-TX discovering and breaking down inconsistencies in #DavidHolmes claim that he overheard both ends of a phone conversation between @realDonaldTrump and #GordonSondland:
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Since it’s finally happening resharing my post on the Impeachment process. We are now at stage 2.

Impeachment 101

Fact 1 : No US Prez has ever been impeached AND removed from office.

#democrats #republicans #impeachment #president #US #Trump #Senate #Congress
Impeachment 101

Fact 2 : Only 2 Prezs - Andrew Johnson and Clinton were impeached. Neither was removed from office.
Fact 3 : #Nixon was not impeached, he resigned.

#democrats #republicans #impeachment #president #US #Trump #Senate #Congress
Impeachment 101

1. Speaker announces start of formal impeachment proceedings
2. House of Reps has to pass this with a clear majority.
3. It then goes to the Senate. The CJ presides.


#democrats #republicans #impeachment #president #US #Trump #Senate #Congress
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Pope Francis: World Government Must Rule U.S. ‘For Their Own Good’…
1. Understanding the implication of the Vatican in the socio-political and economic redirection of the world as an instrument towards globalization requires knowing that the Jesuits control the Vatican and they are the real spiritual controllers of the New World Order. Let's see:
2. "Grosso-mode", globalism is a system of government through which individual nations cede, deliver, part of their national sovereignty to a kind of collective government paradoxically creating inequality and slavery.
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BRAND NEW #Bombshell #Thread #Crowdstrike is covering up for #JeffreyEpstein’s #SexTrafficking operation which was run through the #ClintonFoundation. This is why #Hillary deleted her 33,000 emails. #Impeachment is a way to stop prosecution.
#SergeyBrin, owner of #Google visited #JeffreyEpstein after his #ChildSexTrafficking conviction in 2011 at #LongBeach, CA. The funder of #CROWDSTRIKE was in bed with #ChildSexTrafficker #Epstein along w/ #Bezos, #ElonMusk & #BillGates.
Financed by #Epstein friend #SergeyBrin & the #Rockefellers, hired ex-#FBI #ShawnHenry, #Crowdstrike provided cover to the examination of the #DNC servers which would’ve exposed their entire #JeffreyEpstein #China #ClintonFoundation trafficking ring.
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