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#NAFO horny jail has increased its capacity. Let's raise some money for @georgian_legion, inspired by @spicyrocks69 and @Pogggio1's drives, I'm going to post a super hot picture of some Russian beauties for every donation. Or not, you can donate to avoid seeing them. RT this one! Image
@georgian_legion @spicyrocks69 @Pogggio1 FOR THE LADIES: "HerringBack" was the best song of 2008, when Юрий Лесноеозеро hit the radiowaves in Russia. This man is basically a sex god there and is oftentimes compared to George Michael and George Lopez, but is more like Justin Timberlake. #SexiestRussians Юрий Лесноеозеро
Roses are red/
Violets are blue/
Let's get together/
And let's sniff some glue Image
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Thread: 5 October 2022: Day 224 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Ukraine is advancing on both the north-east front, bearing down on the Luhansk Oblast that #Russia claimed to annex on Sept. 30, and on the southern front in Kherson.
Map of #Ukraine's recent advances, liberating a swath of territory in the southern #Kherson Oblast from #Russia's occupation.
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#Ukraine: Russian Sources say that "The #UkrainianArmy launched a massive offensive west of the city of #Kherson with a hundred armored vehicles "

waiting for more details ⌛ Image
The source said that the #UkrainianArmy is attacking the west of city of #Kherson with a large force, the #AntonovskyBridge is completely disabled, the #Russians are afraid after the defeat of their forces on northern front of Kherson and still their forces fleein at #Beryslav Image
I saw the news on the account of this Turkish volunteer who is currently fighting with the Russian army against Ukraine

He has published more information, but I don't want to write anything else about it because it has not been confirmed yet Image
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Thread: 4 October 2022: Day 223 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: on Sept. 30, #Putin signed the regular annual conscription order; these recruits are not "legally" allowed to be deployed outside of #Russia, unlike those conscripted under the mobilisation order of Sept. 21. Training, equipping, etc. all a struggle. Image
This is a terribly depressing thread on @WarintheFuture's latest article, showing that there is much less than meets the eye to #Australia's support for #Ukraine.
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#russians are figuring out why they are on the loosing end.

For reasons of #retreat near #Kherson. Almost all of my familiar units got in touch, the #losses are small. The men fought like lions, but this time the battle luck turned away.

The guys from the field massively
report that our tactical insignia were applied to the enemy’s equipment, i.e. "Z" and "V", which caused confusion in the first hours of the battle, when the #front #collapsed. If so, then the enemy has an American network-centric battle control system, when all units on the
Battlefield are tied into a grid and marked on computers, even at the level of companies, not to mention the battalion-regiment. Thus, even a company #sergeant in a #Humvee, BMP or T-64 sees on the screen where his own, and where strangers, and he does not care what marks on
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Thread: 3 October 2022: Day 222 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Putin publicly said on Sept. 29 that there were issues with the mobilisation he ordered on Sept. 21. This "unusually rapid acknowledged of problems highlights the dysfunction": the scope is unclear to lower officials and training perfunctory at best. Image
#Australia's equipment at work in the newly liberated zones in #Ukraine
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Hahaha. Thank you whatever power exists for making us #Ukrainian and giving us this leader at this time.

Now I address #Putin: You are deranged, impotent little man. If I thought there were good #Russians around you, I would think they trick you into this war to depose you.
That’s how fully you have lost. You want to nuke us? Do it. Be sure you know your toys have not been tampered with. Are you sure? No, you are not. That’s why you suddenly fell in love with #ZNpp. But ZNpp won’t kill us all. Instead world response will end #Russia.
So what game you think you play with your lies and murder? Your time is done. Only reason you still get to lie is your people can’t get close enough to you. But that’s changed. Your protectors have children. And they don’t want their children to perish.
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I am not a fan of #PopeFrancis however it seems to me that the Pope is the only leader who has the courage to admit that the blame for the war in #Ukraine is not attributable only to the #Russians. . It is, in truth, a war provoked by the USA and its closest ally (G.B)...
with the servile and masochistic acquiescence of the Europeans. I am ashamed of the low political and personal level of European leaders, and I fear that their stupid servility and the arrogant will of the Anglo-Saxons to continue to dominate the world...
alone are leading us towards a global catastrophe.
The thing that angers me the most today is how the MSM report who is responsible for the terrorist acts against the #Nordstream1 and #NordStream2 pipelines:
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Thread: 30 September 2022: Day 219 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Putin's "annexation" announcement today will, it seems, occur in the shadow of #Ukraine taking back territories that are being claimed as new parts of #Russia.
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At this point, clear focused understanding of consequences is needed. I don’t speak for my government or military. I speak for people who are loyal to land. Government can be infiltrated and corrupted. We can’t be.
Old ways have only one interest, defending this soil. When I say we, I speak for these people who understand far more than anyone else.

Russia will not use nuclear weapons they have. They suspect what we also believe. Russia WILL use nuclear weapon on our land that is here.
Our people have been watching them for months. Putin is insane and his mindless horde follow him into hell. Russians put something in #ZNPP. We can’t tell what it is from where we watch. We suspect it is nuclear warhead. But we are uncertain. Our government suspect this too.
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How much is #Ukraine similar to #Syria?

Back in 2016. power of Bashar Al-#Assad was on his last legs. Insurgents took over the almost entire country, leaving him with roughly 15% of land under government control.

by Slavyangrad
All big cities were lost or heavily contested. The enemy was as close as two kilometers to the center of #Damascus.

#Syria #ukraine
Then #Russians came. Slowly but methodically, they started to bombard insurgents, which we can call a conglomerate of various ideological and interest groups, including designated terrorists such as Jabhat Al Nusra and #ISIS.

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#Ukraine : At least 20 Russian soldiers surrender to #UkranianArmy near #Lyman, #DonetskOblast. ImageImageImage
#Ukraine #Lyman : The #UkrainianArmy has turned the battlefields into hell for the #Russian invaders, so the #Russians must choose one of these options
- Death ☠
_ Fleeing 🏃
_ Surrender 🏳

#UkraineWillWin 🇺🇦💪
#Ukraine #Lyman : As we mentioned today, a number of Russian soldiers surrendered to the #UkrainianArmy near the city of Lyman , as shown in this video
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The #Russian people are quickly turning against #PutinsWar & his corrupt police.. The police &/or military will soon join the people - this could be over within weeks.🇷🇺 🇺🇦 Less than 12 hours ago it was widely reported #Putin had left Moscow for a secret location on “vacation”👀
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"Morning of Dagestan" appeals to all the inhabitants of Russia, to all Russians.
This Chekist regime of Putin must be demolished completely and to the ground!
Resistance must be complete and complete!
#Dagestan #Russia #NAFO #NAFOfellas Image
Tomorrow we Dagestan know that it is the simple Russian people who have experienced and are experiencing the greatest harm!
The entire post-Soviet space suffers from this regime!
#Ukraine️ #NAFO #NAFOfellas #Dagestan #mobilization Image
The old dog wants to live, breathe and drink our blood!
Our children have grown up who have not seen another president except Putin!
#Ukraine️ #NAFO #NAFOfellas #UkraineWillWin #Russians #StopRussiaNOW #RussianArmy #mobilization #Dagestan Image
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More protests in Dagestan against mobilisation. People protest against the presence of police and police cars, and say they’re not “like the Russians”

A thread 🧵👇

More protests in Dagestan against mobilisation. People protest against the presence of police.

More protests in Dagestan against mobilisation. People protest against the presence of police.

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Traitor and collaborator Alexei Zhuravko was killed in a missile attack in Kherson.
#Russians #Russia #Ukraine #Ukrainian #UkraineWar #UkraineRussiaWar #RussiaIsATerroristState
Alexei Zhuravko. Image
Alexei Zhuravko.
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1. I had not good yesterday. In my previous life here before I was erased, I tell you for months as best as I manage what #Russians had done during occupation in #Kharkiv after those areas liberated in April and May. I start this thread for one purpose but it became another
2. I wanted to post this to ask you to put trigger warnings and hide triggering images behind flag. But now as I write, I want to repeat what I tell you for months.

Months are now years. For me those events seem very long ago sometimes but only because
3. So much horror has happened since. It is sad and difficult that I must again tell you now what I describe for so many months before I was silenced. When I was in #Kharkiv in the years from April to June, I saw such things.
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Thread: 22 September 2022: Day 211 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: focuses on the announced #Russian "partial mobilisation" yesterday, doubts Moscow can raise 300,000 troops, and notes the "considerable political risk" to #Putin of trying to regenerate manpower for the war on #Ukraine in this way.
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List of videos of protests in Russia, against Putin’s partial mobilisation of Russians to fight in Ukraine .

Future videos will be added here.

A treadh🧵

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I will be tweeting very much throughout evening because we watch history. I never have been so happy to watch #Russia in my life. I want my mother to have #SwanLake2. I am on balcony for different reason. It is not defiance now. It’s hope. But same supplies. 🥒💨🎵😂
When I say #RussianMobilization is nothing but more Russian failed ideas because they are collapsing. How they not see this coming? #Lithuania #Kaliningrad #RussiaIsATerroristState
Who this? @OscDomesticated
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Thread: 21 September 2022: Day 210 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
The former rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute, Anatoly Gerashchenko, had a "tragic accident" on Sept. 21, he "fell" - indeed, "flew" - down several flights of stairs and "received injuries incompatible with life".…
#Putin's delayed speech, delivered this morning, rambled through the war being necessary to stop #Ukraine having nukes, #NATO running Kiev's army and refusing peace, Novorossiya, neo-Nazis, and annexing the Donbas, to announce partial mobilisation.
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Thread: 20 September 2022: Day 209 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Russia "officially" preparing to "annex" the Donbas in eastern #Ukraine.

Should be noted, the Russians had such plans in Kherson and Kharkiv, which were derailed by the Ukrainian guerrillas before the Army liberated Kharkiv.
Imprisoned #Russian oppositionist Alexey Navalny comments on that video of Yevgeny Prigozhin recruiting prisoners for the war on #Ukraine. Sees it as a clear sign of the disintegration of the Army and notes such recruits can only make it worse.
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1/ Operational situation update / #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on September 19, 2022
The situat° hasn't change much for the last 20 hours
as i can tell & no direct evidence (until now of deeper move on Ru positions anywhere past current known front line
#UkraineMap #CarteUkraine
2/ Gen staff report part 1&2
3/ and that's it for now.. i'll to resume later tonight..
Right now it's .. Operation "Diner en ville" ;-)
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