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East African leaders have agreed to assemble troops to combat armed groups in the eastern Democratic Republic of #Congo #DRC.

What is this joint force and what are its objectives?

@PMvandeWalle takes a close look in our latest Q&A.

[Thread] 🧵👇…
The East African Community (EAC) @jumuiya is composed of #DRCongo 🇨🇩, #Tanzania 🇹🇿, #Kenya 🇰🇪, #Burundi 🇧🇮, #Rwanda 🇷🇼, #SouthSudan 🇸🇸 & #Uganda 🇺🇬.

The EAC’s joint force was designed to respond to the rampant insecurity in eastern DRC, a serious concern for the entire region.
Cyclic violence, displacement and insecurity due to the presence of armed groups has been plaguing the region for almost 30 years.

Yet an actual deployment of a regional force is unprecedented.…
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Breaking: In an embarrassment for #PatriceMotsepe, the @CAF_Online President, @SAFPU_Official, #SouthAfrica’s Players Union, declare their strong opposition to CAF’s plan for an #AfricanSuperLeague, which will be put before the CAF congress in #Arusha, #Tanzania on August 10th.
In a separate discussion I had with a top executive of @AlAhly @AlAhlyEnglish on Friday, he told me @CAF_Online was yet to give his club “concrete details” of how the Super League proposal will work.
“We were invited to #Cameroon for the last #AFCON, where the preliminary plan for the #AfricanSuperLeague was put to us & selected clubs from across the continent. But no concrete details, on the finances and other important details, have been given, up till now.”
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Our paper is out!
Current #adaptation projects do not automatically enhance #gender equality | need to be intentionally brought in at planning & implementation stages.

23authors|9sectors|17739 literature|countless meetings

Delighted to have brainstormed👇figure with @Joyashree9
Embedding gender considerations and facilitating #women’s participation in project design and implementation along with #inclusive #policies, training, information access, planning, and monitoring is needed
Additional course correction for #SDG5 is needed.
Our #SDG5plus (SDG5+) approach takes into consideration #intersectionality and gender aspects beyond #women alone, & can help #adaptation actions move towards meeting #genderequality and other #climatejustice goals.
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NEW: #China "proceeding to increase their access & influence on the continent" & seeks to establish more military bases in #Africa, outgoing @USAfricaCommand Commander Gen Stephen Townsend tells @GWUPMNS
"Some of the most lethal terrorists on the planet are now in Africa...#alQaida & #ISIS " per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Townsend
"We've prevented strategic distraction" per Gen Townsend on his time at @USAfricaCommand - says US has been able to address threats in #Africa without taking focus on primary challenges, pacing threat from #China and also #Russia
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#Tanzania⚡️Katika hatua za kuboresha Mfumo wa Haki Jinai nchini Mhe. @SuluhuSamia amefanya mabadiliko ndani ya Jeshi la Polisi (@tanpol) nchini kwa kumteua aliyekua Kamishna wa Polisi Camillus Wambura kuwa Inspekta Jenerali na Mkuu mpya wa Jeshi la polisi nchini (IGP).
IGP Wambura anachukua nafasi ya IGP- Sirro (mstaafu) ambaye ameteteuliwa kuwa Balozi nchini Zimbabwe.
Moja ya jukumu kubwa la IGP Wambura no kuigeuza taswira ya @tanpol na kuhakikisha Jeshi la Polisi nchini linabaki kuwa kiungo muhimu cha kulinda Haki, Ulinzi na usalama wa raia.
IGP Camilius Wambura kitaaluma na kiutendaji ni mpelelezi aliyebobea, pia ana weledi katika nyanja ya upelelezi, ni mara chache sana kusikikia malalamiko kwenye kazi ya upepelezi ya aliyekuwa Kamishna Wambura (IGP).
Tunategemea IGP -Wambura ataendelea kusimamia Haki na Weledi.
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46 years ago today, on July 4, 1976, elite Israeli forces flew over 3,218kms & rescued hostages in the “Entebbe Raid”. It set off a series of events that eventually ended Uganda military dictator Idi #Amin’s rule in April 1976 #EntebbeRaid #1
The mostly-Israeli hostages were on board an Air France Airbus A300 airliner with 248 passengers that was hijacked June 27 by Palestinian militants. During the rescue, the Israelis destroyed most of Amin's Airforce planes – barely 3kms away was Amin’s State House #EntebbeRaid #2
A wounded and humiliated Amin lashed out. A new long bout of killings, including of the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Janani Luwum in February 1977, started. After the attack #Amin upped his threats against Kenya, from where the Israelis had refueled #EntebbeRaid #3
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𝙼𝚊𝚓. 𝙶𝚎𝚗. 𝙳𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚍 𝙾𝚢𝚒𝚝𝚎 𝙾𝚓𝚘𝚔.
The man believed to have single handedly propped up the Obote II regime as it fought multiple rebellions in the country.
The man whose death marked the beginning of the end of the Obote II regime.
But he was much more than that./1
Born in 1940 in Loro, Northern Uganda, Ojok joined the Uganda Rifles (UR) in 1963. He then trained in the U.K at the Mons Officer Cadet School & later on at the Staff College Camberley. Between 1963-71, he served in various junior roles rising to the rank of Major./2
On Jan 24 1971, Maj Ojok was part of the team incl. Lt. Col Tito Okello, IGP Erinayo Oryema & others that was tasked with arresting Idi Amin. The group was overseeing the operation at @Parliament_Ug buildings when Amins loyalists overpowered the arrest teams & launched a coup./3
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#Ökofaschismus – Was ist das? Ein langer Thread.

Triggerwarnung: Ich werde hier antisemitische, rassistische und faschistische Inhalte und Symbole behandeln, um darüber aufzuklären. Denn so können wir uns dem Faschismus besser widersetzen. #FCKNZS #antifa
Die Ursprünge des #Ökofaschismus können wir vermutlich bereits in der rassistischen Kolonialgeschichte finden. Oft wird er aber um 1800 in der Romantik gesetzt. Was eigentlich meine liebste literarische Epoche ist, hat leider auch eine Schattenseite.
Die Romantik ist die Gegenbewegung zur Industrialisierung & Urbanisierung. Die völkische Bewegung propagierte ein Zurück zu den „vollkommenen“ Wurzeln des reinen Bauerndaseins. In den 1920/30ern wurden die „urbanen Juden“ zum Gegensatz des naturverbundenen Landvolkes konstruiert. Image
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Thousands of Maasai in Loliondo being shot at by paramilitary forces backed by Tanzanian government

Unarmed community being shot at to make way for conservation

Clear violations human rights, national law and international law #Maasai #Tanzania
Tanzanian govt is using paramilitary security forces to evict thousands of Maasai indigenous peoples from their ancestral lands in Loliondo

Western govts & their conservation agencies have moral responsibility to end the unfolding tragedy
The Maasai of Loliondo have legal tenure rights over the area

This government attempt to evict Maasai with military deployment is a violation of national law and the Tanzania’s government international human rights’ obligations
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1️⃣ Virusi wa Ugonjwa huu huishi kwa wanyama jamii ya nyani 🐒,panya 🐀 na kindi 🐿
2️⃣ Kuenea kwa ugonjwa
✅ Ugonjwa huenezwa kwa kugusa mnyama aliethirika na ugonjwa huu🐒➡️ 🚶‍♂️
✅au kwa njia ya hewa, kugusana, kupitia pua, macho na mdomo 🧍‍♀️➡️🚶‍♂️ Image
✅Homa 🤒
✅Vipele vinavyoweza kuwa na majimaji hasa usoni, viganjani na nyayoni
✅Uchovu 😰
✅Maumivu ya kichwa
Kawaida ugonjwa si mkali na hufanana na tetekuwanga japo kwa watoto wachanga na watu wenye magonjwa sugu huweza kuwa mkali na kusababisha kifo Image
Hakuna mgonjwa wa Monkeypox aliyewahi kugundulika #Tanzania
🛑Hatua za kujikinga;
✅Kutogusa au kula mzoga au mnyama anaeumwa au masalia yake
✅Nyama inashauriwa ipikwe na iive vyema.
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Investors in @BarrickGold have a huge opportunity to press the multinational gold mining giant at next week’s AGM to face up to #HumanRights abuses by police at its North Mara gold mine in #Tanzania. Here are some problems we found in its latest #ESG Sustainability Report 🧐🧵
Barrick states it “cannot be accountable for the actions of a national police force”, yet it has an undisclosed agreement between the Tanzanian mine & police to pay, equip and accommodate police guarding the mine, integrating them within its security structure.
Barrick has repeatedly tried to frame #humanrights abuses as “personal injury”, an approach contested in a related case at the UK High Court last month. With at least 4 deaths and 7 assaults documented since Barrick took full operational control, it has a lot more to answer for.
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I'm being tagged in a #conversation about the #safety of #women travelling to #Tanzania. I shall repeat my story to #caution women who want to travel there. A thread.
I went to Tanzania as a #tourist. Depending on where you are, I would call it a very #unsafe place especially for solo travelers. There are rules I wasn't aware of which turned my 'holiday' into a nightmare.
I was #attacked by a mob on my first day. Fists flew, blows pounded on my body and head for 'indecent' dressing. It was when one woman lifted my dress and started to pull down my underwear did I say, "Fuck this shit'.
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#Ethiopia #NorthAfrica #MiddleEast long rang rainfall forecast bulletin 2022 - #1

Around this time last year I began posting rainfall forecasts for East Africa & Horn of Africa. These expanded to include North Africa & ME.

I am restarting them today.
The big picture. The West African Monsoon is undergoing an intense period and significant amounts of atmospheric is transiting the Sahara bringing clouds & rain to the Middle East.

Rain forecasts for East Africa show significant rain over the coming fortnight.
Sub thread: Covers the past two weeks as West African Monsoon was building. Interestingly the rains appear to be arriving in the Horn and East Africa at roughly the same time, and at similar intensity to last year.
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This week’s #IPCCReport reiterated that there’s simply no room for new #fossilfuel infrastructure if we’re to keep warming below 1.5C. New guidance by #China's state planner sheds light on 🇨🇳 pledge to stop building #coal projects overseas🧵
@oykusenlen @leonickroberts @byfordt
Latest data suggests countries outside 🇨🇳 are considering over 124GW new #coal power projects,much of which was expected to rely on 🇨🇳 public finance. Since Xi’s announcement at #UNGA 2021, the lack of clarity or follow-up has created some confusion
New guidance by #China’s state planner #NDRC has now shed some light on what it would look like for China to ‘stop further construction’ of coal power plants overseas. There are 3 parts to this new guidance 👇
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How will human rights abuses & environmental harm stop happening at Canadian mine sites abroad? By holding companies accountable 👉🏽 right here in Canada, where 50% of mining companies worldwide are headquartered. A 🧵on the urgent need for corporate accountability #GetAccountable
Saying NO to Canadian mining can be dangerous – including in #Ecuador, where Josefina Tunki (Pres of the Shuar Arutam People) is being threatened for speaking out against #SolarisResources' #Warintza project in their territory. #GetAccountable | For more:… Photo credit: Comunicación PSHA. Josefina Tunki, President
Communities near Canadian mine sites often have to contend with significant police violence. Latest reports from @raidukorg document killings and injuries of local residents by police assigned to #BarrickGold's #NorthMara mine in #Tanzania. #GetAccountable
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#Tanzania: Mvutano mkali unaendelea kutamalaki miongoni mwa watu binafsi, wanaharakati, wanasiasa, vyama vya siasa na viongozi wa chama tawala na vyama vya upinzani na serikali kuhusu uwezekano wa kupatikana Tume Huru ya Uchaguzi na Katiba Mpya kabla ya UCHAGUZI MKUU 2025.
Madai ya Tume Huru yanasukumwa na hoja kwamba uwanja wa shughuli za siasa hauna usawa, bali unaweka mazingira ya kukipa faida zaidi chama tawala, huku kukiwa na madai ya mara kwa mara ya ukiukwaji wa sheria, ukosefu wa uhuru na kuwepo kwa mamlaka makubwa ya Rais juu ya Tume hiyo.
Madai ya Katiba mpya yanasukumwa na dhana kwamba Katiba Mpya ndilo jawabu la mambo mengi yanayolalamikiwa yakiwemo: mfumo wa uendeshaji nchi, madaraka ya Rais, Haki, Usawa, demokrasia, Uhuru wa kufanya siasa, Uhuru wa Mihimili katika kutekeleza majukumu yao na hata Tume Huru.
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NEW SHORT FILM: How did COVID-19 affect the food system in #Tanzania?

Our research teams found out, in three market centres: the coastal city of Dar es Salaam, the tourist cross-border hub of Arusha, and Mwanza on Lake Victoria. #Africanfoodsystems

Here are the stories of market traders, truckers, fishers and farmers in #Tanzania. Even without restrictions under President #Magafuli, #Covid_19 had big effects on the people producing & selling food.

See our short film released today. @arusonews
As a woman in market said "Tanzania was not in lockdown but people locked themselves inside".

Declining domestic markets combined with border closures loss of exports and rising prices of imports disrupted the country's #FoodSystems

@esulle46 @LKissoly @EMEDO19 @EsaffHQ
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#Tanzania: What’s happening?

The Maasai, one of East Africa’s long-standing Indigenous People, are facing eviction to make more space for Ecotourism and trophy hunting.
In April 2021, the Tanzanian government announced plans to relocate over 80,000 residents – most of them Indigenous Maasai – from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) in Tanzania, a breathtaking landscape rich in wildlife bordering Serengeti National Park.
The NCA was declared a World Heritage Site by @UNESCO thanks to its largely intact nature, but despite centuries of Maasai stewardship, they are now facing having their livelihoods destroyed under the guise of conservation.
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The UN monitoring team has published its 29th report on al-Qaida and the Islamic State. Over the past years, the monitoring team's analytical reports have developed into key sources on militant groups. This edition is no exception. Here's a summary of the report.
On Central Africa:
The report concludes that member states still don’t see a direct command line between the IS leadership and the group in #Mozambique. Although the group in Mozambique has experienced setbacks, the report says it appears to be “displaced rather than defeated”
The report estimates that ISCAP has between 600-1200 fighters in #Mozambique mainly consisting of locals and foreigners from #Tanzania and the #Comorros
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Article 1 by @esulle46 .

Land Grabbing and Agricultural Commercialization Duality: Insights from Tanzania’s Transformation Agenda.

Afriche e Orienti (Italian Journal on African and Middle Eastern Studies), 17 (3): 109-128. Permanent link:…
“Farmers and pastoralists at the grassroots level are keen to see an increase in investments in the agricultural sector, but they are not willing to give up their land to investors”.

This article addresses diverse responses to and local politics of contested commercialisation.
Article 2 by @esulle46

Social Differentiation and the Politics of Land: Sugar Cane Outgrowing in Kilombero, Tanzania, Journal of Southern African Studies, 43 (3): 517-533. Permanent link:…
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#Tanzania: The authorities have started the process of amending the online content and the radio and television broadcasting content regulations of the Electronic and Postal Communications Act.
The current regulations give the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) wide discretionary powers to license blogs, websites, and other online content,…..
……, and prohibit radio and television broadcasters from working with foreign broadcasters unless staff from the communications authority or other government department are physically present. Nothing protects the media and journalists against the executive any more in Tanzania.
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#Tanzania: matatizo yanayoikabili nchi yetu ni ‘MFUMO’ wa uendeshaji nchi. Tatizo la pili ni ‘MAADILI’ ya viongozi wa umma. Tatizo la MFUMO linasababishwa na taasisi kutokufanya kazi zinazotakiwa kufanya kwa mujibu wa Sheria na Katiba. Tatizo la MAADILI ni kuanzia kwenye Familia.
Ili kumaliza tatizo la MFUMO ni lazima taasisi kama “Bunge, Mahakama, Ofisi ya DPP, Jeshi la Polisii” zinafanya kazi kwa mujibu wa Katiba, Sheria na kanuni. Ili taasisi zifanye kazi ni lazima kuwa na watumishi wenye maadili, weledi na kusimamia viapo na wazalendo kweli.
Ili kupata watumishi waadilifu wenye mapenzi ya kweli ya nchi yetu (wazalendo) ni kuanzia kwenye familia, jamii mtu anayokulia na taifa kwa ujumla. Tanzania ni wazi swala la uaminifu ni tatizo kubwa sana. Watanzania sio waaminifu kwenye mapenzi, siasa, uchumi, hata dini.
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I am going to tweet in English on this complicated subject of the relationship between the Speaker of Parliament and the President in #Tanzania.
The issue was in my view is as follows:
1. The Speaker was sponsored and voted to his position by CCM.
2. The Speaker remains a CCM member and also a representative of his constituency
3. A CCM Speaker by virtue of the CCM Constitution is a member of the Central Committee of CCM
4. Parliament passed a deficit budget which Job KNEW needed support of loans in excess of TZS 9 tril.
5. For Job to claim the government is run negligently because of these loans is disingenuous because he was one of the people who passed a budget with a TZS 9 tril deficit reliant on loans. Why didn’t he ask the Government to cut costs during the budget debate?
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