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7. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
1. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?
2. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?
3. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?
4. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?
5. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?
6. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?
By @MarcoCarnelos
Pepe Escobar provides a FascinatingExplanation of why,all of sudden,⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ has become QuiteCautious on Iran. On this trail,however,the analysis to follow,also in their military implications,are the ones provided by @ejmalrai asiatimes.com/2019/06/articl…
By @ejmalrai
Trump approved Saudi Arabia nuclear technology permits twice after Khashoggi murder

See if you can get it right🤔😔🧐. What is the country behind the tanker attacks on al-Fujairah🤨😏?
By @ejmalrai
UAE believes another country was behind tanker attacks on al-Fujairah theguardian.com/world/2019/jun…
Iran Blames Mossad for 'Fabricating Intelligence' on Its Role in Tanker Attack: sputniknews.com/middleeast/201…
US Media Reveals True Reason Why Pentagon Deployed Naval Armada Near Iran: sputniknews.com/middleeast/201…
Trump Says US, France on Same Page With Regard to Iran: sputniknews.com/middleeast/201…
Trump Says He Doesn't Want Iran to 'Fail as a Nation', Claims He Can 'Turn That Around': sputniknews.com/us/20190607107…
"The attacks required trained divers; the explosive charges were placed w a high degree of precision under the waterline, in ways that were designed to incapacitate the ships without sinking them or detonating their cargoes - indicating minute knowledge..”
By @Patrick37767160
Here they are :
They invented the concept.
Worked so well for them that they have now made it their way... Using mercenaries, like ISIS & the like
By @YemenEdge
Ironically, #Iran has never stepped up.
"Today the Neocons are enemy #1 for the🇺🇸
The🇷🇺5th columnists are the enemy #1 for🇷🇺
Showing how they work towards the same goals is,I believe,one of the first things which those who resist these thugs must achieve.
Sovereignists of all countries–Unite!."
By @tatianycoeuvre
Saudi & UAE pressure on Qatar to embrace a tougher stance against Iran have left the Arab Gulf states divided as the U.S. builds tension with Teheran, writes Giorgio Cafiero. KSA is a trouble maker!
By @DEsfandiary
Put yourselves in Tehran's shoes: agrees to a deal,implements it, but doesn't get anything promised to it as🇺🇸walks away from that deal & faces no consequences.They receives offer to expand talks to curb other activities.I would say no too. in.reuters.com/article/iran-n…
By @StephenEmmott
Because they edited it and they knew it's fake.
Take look at the BBC nonsense here...bbc.com/news/world-mid…
It's just the same. Obvious lies promoted as truth. The BBC does propaganda, not news.
By @21WIRE
US Govt-sanctioned rolling & #FakeNews brought to you by #Trump Admin: "State Dept quietly announced over weekend the defunding of social media trolling project targeting outspoken critics of Trump admin’s policy on #Iran." Unbelievable...
By @sabbar8bigpond1
Not surprising that every group and sovereign country Trump wants to sanction and disarm are those that have bmben able to successdully defend themselves and others against terrorism the illegal entity of Israel.
By @YemenEdge
Este artículo pretendo proporcionar argumento que desarmarian las acusaciones contra Irán cómo autor de los actos de sabotaje en un puerto emirati.
By @wisermann
@TuckerCarlson @IlhanMN @RepRashida RepRashi The US is Israel's bludgeon being wielded by for this Israeli plan globalresearch.ca/greater-israel… It's as simple as that. Israel is nexus of wars & orchestrated chaos.
By @PresstvJustIn
#Iran condemns U.S. for imposing sanction on Iranian Petrochemical Company

#USSanctions #UnitedStates
By @PresstvJustIn
#Iran foreign ministry: U.S. new ban on Iran reveals hollowness of its call for talks

#USSanctions #UnitedStates
By @PressTV
A similar story w different characters:
Kermit Roosevelt was a @CIA agent & played a major role in the overthrow of Iranian PM Mohammad #Mossadegh in 1953.
US National Security Advisor John #Bolton is actively trying to overthrow the Islamic Republic of #Iran in 2019.
By @PressTV
#Iran says new US #sanctions show talks offer hollow ptv.io/2k6N #IranDeal
By @PressTV
#Iran has no plan to leave #OPEC: Oil minister ptv.io/2k6v
By @PressTV
Most countries reject #Trump’s breaking of nuclear deal with #Iran: Scholar

By @PressTV
#Iran-#Turkey ties key to #Mideast stability, security: Rouhani
By @PressTV
US #sanctions against #Iran highlight influence of #Israel lobby in #Washington: Analyst

By @PressTV
#German FM urges Europeans to play mediating role amid rising #Iran-US tensions
By @PressTV
In June 2017, the Iranian capital #Tehran was hit by twin terrorist attacks. This video tells the details

#TehranTerrorAttack #Iran
By PressTV
#Iranian mother, Halimeh Khanian whose 4 #children and husband lost their lives while defending the country against the 1980 #invasion led by the #US-backed #Iraqi dictator Saddam Hossein, passes away after suffering from a chronic illness.
By @YemenEdge
Saudí and UAE policies are creating more terrorism conflict and chaos in the Middle Easy and África,Qatar's Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani has said in London.
By @YemenEdge
In a briefing in London, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani- Qatar's FM - appeared to accept that an unresolved 2-year quarrel between🇶🇦& 🇸🇦was starting to fuel other disputes across the region, making those disputes more difficult 2resolve
By @southfronteng
Top Iranian Diplomat: US Cannot 'Expect To Stay Safe' southfront.org/top-iranian-di…
By @southfronteng
Iran Calls For 'Elimination' Of Dollar To Stop US 'Economic Terrorism' southfront.org/iran-calls-for…
By @PressTV
Pressure won’t work with #Iran: Former @CIA chief ptv.io/2k7f

By @PressTV
‘Trump avoids war because he knows about #Iran's might’ ptv.io/2k7k

@realDonaldTrump #UnitedStates
By @PressTV
#Iran unveils new indigenous air defense system ptv.io/2k80

#IranMilitary #IranPower
By @PressTV
9 de jun
#Tehran unveils new air defense system ptv.io/2k80

#IranMilitary #IranPower #Iran
By @PressTV
US economic war against #Iran targets ordinary people: Zarif

@Jzarif #UnitedStates
By @PressTV
Dec 25 2018
The #EU: A true friend or an enemy in disguise?

#SPV #Iran
By @PressTV
'Europe pursuing U.S. anti-Iran pressure tactic' ptv.io/2k8I

#JCPOA #USsanctions
By @PressTV
Anti-#Iran writer quoted by @realDonaldTrump turns out to be fake ptv.io/2k99
By @PressTV
Iran's new missile defense system can trace & destroy 6 targets at once

#IranMilitary #MissileDefenseSystem
By @PressTV
Europe must resist U.S. economic terrorism against #Iran: President Rouhani ptv.io/2kA4

By @PressTV
The head of the International #AtomicEnergy Agency calls for dialog to reduce tensions surrounding the Iranian nuclear issue. Yukia #Amano says the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (#JCPOA) is "under tension."

By @PressTV
'All #US attempts against #Iran have failed'
By @PressTV
US pressuring world into ignoring Security Council resolution on #Iran: #Russia FM

By @PressTV
#Russia urges #UnitedStates to join it to assure world #nuclear #war won’t happen
By @PressTV
US mulls new #sanctions to kill #Iran-#EU trade vehicle
By @dancohen3000
+than 1 year ago,the Trump administration unilaterally withdrew from the JCPOA despite🇮🇷being in full compliance. Iran continued to abide by its terms up until recently. Now, the Trump administration is demanding Iran return to compliance. reuters.com/article/us-ira…
By @dancohen3000
Seems that the Trump administration is doing everything possible to goad Iran into an overreaction and thereby justify a war. It's a monumentally deranged policy that could only exist in the minds of the most fanatical neocons and Likudniks.
By @bodhibrian
Israel is in breach of nuclear deals .... Oh wait ! .. The Jewish state with its hundred of nukes refuses to make any
By @PressTV
Tehran to Maas: All signatories, not just Iran, must comply with nuclear deal ptv.io/2kC6

#IranDeal #JCPOA
By @PressTV
Iranian officials say the 2015 nuclear agreement cannot be saved at the cost of #Iran

#IranDeal #JCPOA
By @PressTV
US losing capacity for pressure on #Iran: @HassanRouhani ptv.io/2kC7
By @telesurenglish
Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, #JavadZarif: US economic terrorism targets ordinary iranians.
By @Antiwarcom
US Falsely Claims Iran Is in Breach of Nuclear Deal
Officials say US still willing to hold talks with Iran
#Iran #IranNuclearDeal #IranDeal
By @Antiwarcom
The State Department’s War on Americans Against War on #Iran
Germany strives to keep Iran nuclear deal alive | DW News
Iran Does Not Intend to Start a War With Anyone, Even With US - President: sputniknews.com/world/20190612…
Another Gulf of Tonkin scenario being prepped against🇮🇷.Its stupid either for🇮🇷to attack the OilTanker at the midst of negotiations w🇯🇵amid diplomatic spat w the Trump admin.I may speculate either🇺🇸,🇮🇱or🇸🇦actors behind today's or May's attack
Another false flag to blame Iran.... the usual suspects #Israel 🇮🇱 & #USA among them...

By @PressTV
Aerial footage shows one of the oil tankers targeted in the Sea of Oman

Lying Criminals
You knew there were 11🇷🇺on board & you wanted all of them to drown in Gulf Of Oman
🇮🇷rescued 44 sailors including 11🇷🇺-their papers are being prepared by🇮🇷 Govt.
Wait till the🇷🇺witnesses speak up & expose your murderous plan
Look at this fake news
No mention at all of Iran rescuing 44 sailors from these two ships in Gulf Of Oman
No mention of #Iran calling these acts "mischievous"
It was the Iran navy that saved 44 sailors from oil tankers after the #FalseFlag attack in Gulf of Oman
#FalseFlag attack again
Americans should not let themselves be lied into another war for Israel
By @RT_com
Iran says it rescued 44 sailors after 2 tankers were ‘reportedly attacked’ in Gulf of Oman

Israel was ready with the news even before the attack
Gulf Of Oman
False Flag Breaking News
By @DouglasLund5
Given that CIA POMPEO IS THE LIAR,CHEATER & STEALER.I have lived in🇺🇸&🇮🇷,as they say in🇺🇸I’ll bet MyBottom $ that the LyingYanks are behind ThisIncident. From MyExperience it is normal ForThem to practice FalseFlagEvents, As in🇸🇾constantly
By @RT_com
'Attacks' came as Japan's PM visits Iran for major talks
"Eleven Russians were evacuated from the tanker. They have all been transferred to the port of Jask in the south of #Iran. They are ten men and one woman. They are perfectly fine, no injuries, no harm to their health was inflicted," -Russian Embassy Iran-
By @tparsi
So literally while Japan's Abe is meeting w Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei, a Japanese oil tanker is attacked in the Gulf of Oman.

Sounds like some are afraid🇯🇵may succeed in starting diplomacy.

The message appears to be: Don't you dare stand in the way of my war plans...
By @RaniaKhalek
This seems fishy. This is happening during a historic visit to Iran by Japan’s PM to ease US-Iran tensions l.
By @sahouraxo
Mike Pompeo, the former CIA director, proudly admitted that he’s a liar, a cheater and a thief.

But we’re supposed to believe him today as him and his neocon buddies beat the drums for war with #Iran? Hard pass.
Suspected oil tanker attack in Gulf of Oman: what we know so far dlvr.it/R6YPky
By @A7_Mirza
Suspicious fires, attacking tankers during Japanese Prime Minister visiting #Iran, attributing the attacks to Ansar Allah and Iran and threats and tensions in Persian Gulf states shows #Saudi Coalition’s cold war against Iran.

Read here: english.iswnews.com/6024/suspiciou…
By @A7_Mirza
#US #Iran #Saudi
The one who is in the region for decades and has tens of warships, submarines, aircrafts and established tens of bases to ensure the security of energy transmission to the world, now where is it?!
Why these attacks did not happen in the Strait of Hormuz?!
Was there US fleets in the region or not?!
So why it was Iranians who arrived early and rescued the ships crew?!
#USA False Flags:
☑️Gulf of Tonkin incident🇻🇳
☑️Nayirah testimony🇮🇶
☑️Weapons of mass destruction program🇮🇶
☑️Operation Northwoods🇨🇺
☑️Leaders of these countries were committing atrocities🇸🇾🇱🇾Yugoslavia
☑️Operation Gladio🇮🇹🇹🇷🇬🇷...
☑️Now, Gulf of Oman🇮🇷
"Attacks under false flags are real: the US has a long history of lying to start wars"
-Danielle Ryan-
By @KimDotcom
"It is the assessment of the #USA that the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for the attacks. This is based on intelligence.”

— Mike “lie, steal, cheat” Pompeo

The same intelligence that found WMDs in Iraq and lied to the US Senate about mass surveillance?
Via @caitoz
"The only time they tell the truth is when they admit they lie."
~ @RonPaul
False Flags are Real – US Has a Long History of Lying to Start Wars ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featu…
53 Admitted False Flag Attacks shar.es/a0dDgc
By @DanielLMcAdams
Neocon war line.🇮🇷 is irrational.They always use that when they want to start a war. In fact #Iran has been extremely cautious over the past year.Why hit a🇯🇵ship w #Japan PM in town & #USA ships all around?Come on!This is war propaganda!
By @timand2037
#Iranian leader to #Japanese PM. Thanks for the message from #Tramp; but sorry, he doesn't deserve a reply.
By @bopinion
If Iran was responsible for the attacks on oil tankers, it would be very clumsy timing:

- Shinzo Abe is visiting Tehran, with the blessing of President Trump
- Iran just freed a U.S. resident imprisoned on espionage charges bloom.bg/2RiZTA0
By @MacJuanma
Iran 👉🏻

636.371,65 square miles
82 million inhabitants.

How many Marines do you need to occupy and stabilize such country?

There’s no way to do that.

And if the brass thinks they’ll have enough with air strikes to break them, they’re -again- plain wrong.
By @RonPaul
Would John Bolton Lie America Into War?

You Bet He Would!
By @HJBirkett
Today was a scary and chaotic day following the two tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman. Thinking of the seafarers affected and hoping they get back to their families safely.
By @ejmalrai
Most of the crew members evacuated today when their oil tanker was hit in the Gulf of Oman are from #Russia and other nationalities.
By @MoonofA
New on MoA:
Today's Attacks On Ships In The Gulf Of Oman Are Not In Iran's Interest
By @MoonofA
Today's Attacks On Ships In The Gulf Of Oman Are Not In Iran's Interest - Or Are They? (Updated)
By @shahidal_ali
No one believes it was #Iran,this is a excuse & pretext for war. 🇮🇱has stated for years now it wants an🇮🇷war. It always helps the🇺🇸having a war,those missiles need to be used somewhere, in order to keep jobs safe for the🇺🇸weapons industry.
By @codepink
@SecPompeo: *lies*
By @freedomrideblog
Japan bought Iranian oil in defiance of U.S. sanctions. U.S. stopped giving them waiver to do so. Iran invited Japan PM to talk and keep buying their oil. Pompeo says that Iran would choose this moment to bomb tankers on the way to, wait for it, Japan.
Via @phelanm
"..Lawrence Wilkerson ..reviewed ..Powell’s infamous 2003 pre-Iraq War United Nations presentation..": huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/29/law… … ; "..Larry Wilkerson confesses to his part in the mass deception and pleads for an end to 17 years of war..":
By @bodhibrian
Japan was buying Iranian oil in defiance of US sanctions
"For the past 2 years, the #USA Govt has used its economic, financial & military power through an aggressive approach to disrupt all international structures & regulations, which has turned him into a serious threat for the stability of the region & the🌍”
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