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📖Guia Practica de Limpieza Anal.

EL hilo q estabas esperando🍑💦

- Hay 2 tipos de limpieza


- Elige tus Armas 🍐💦

Tomate tu tiempo 🚽🧻
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Three stages to #COVID19 brain damage identified by neurologists.
Read it here👇👇…
2. It’s literally the perfect #DEPOPULATION #BioWeapon
3. Bombshell: #COVID19 Detected in #Spain Water Study 1 Year before first confirmed case! A study led by the University of Barcelona (UB) has detected the presence of #SARSCoV2 in wastewater samples from Barcelona on March 12, 2019
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Thread: Wearing masks is our best defense against the #coronavirus.

@WhiteHouse press secretary said today that masks are no longer required in West Wing. Many tweets also advise against masks.

Result: Colossal failure of the US #COVID response.…

An example of anti-mask rhetoric can be seen in the video below by a Mr. Huff. I will explain why everything that he says here is scientifically incorrect and a danger to public health. (I do not know Mr. Huff or his motivations.)

I am not comparing the US to the several dozen countries that have mostly controlled this epidemic, e.g., #Taiwan, #Iceland, #SouthKorea, #Japan, #Thailand, #NewZealand, #Australia, #Austria, #Switzerland, #Greece, #Norway, etc. Some of them never even had to lock down.

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WOW!!! 😮
#Breaking #BreakingNews
Members of Parliament of #Brazil break into hospital that claimed to have 5,000 infected & 200 deaths from #COVID19 & CAUGHT THEM RED HANDED NOT ONE PERSON, they have FRAUDED THE WORLD!! #Italy #Spain #ArrestBillGates
Brazilians Translated:
5 Members of #Brazil parliament went to hospitals under encouragement by #Bolsonaro to break into hospitals & check to see the number of patients there. This hospital late to be finished but claiming 5000 ppl with COVID19 and 200 dead, so need this hospital
Officials broke in to check it & found the hospital is an absolute mess, not finished, and no patients. The governor is frauding the state and nation and taxpayers & LYING about the numbers to pad the numbers. Embezzlement scheme & to help bring down the country &push #vaccine
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What has Protesting Accomplished?
--- by Christopher Reilley

👉🏾Within 10 days of sustained #protests:
#Minneapolis bans use of #chokeholds.

👉🏾Charges are upgraded against Officer Chauvin, and his accomplices are arrested and charged.

👉🏾#Dallas adopts a "#DutyToIntervene" rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in inappropriate use of force.

👉🏾#NewJersey’s attorney general said the state will update its #UseOfForce guidelines for the first time in two decades.

👉🏾In #Maryland, a bipartisan work group of state lawmakers announced a #PoliceReform work group.

👉🏾#LosAngeles City Council introduces motion to reduce #LAPD’s $1.8 billion operating budget.
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“Taking on All the Pseudo-Constitutionalist!” Watch Full Segment Here:
Welcoming, and thanking Carl H. & Joel S. To my #CommonSense Community at #Patreon. Join me on Patreon!
This is the voice of “One World Gov”, #NWO. There is this thing called sovereignty. And within this sovereignty no one has voted and elected you to inject your order here, #UN. We address it as we deem right, ourselves. Get lost now.- - -… #
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I’ll be recording an in-depth analysis (and forecast) segment on Post-Covid #EU, mainly #Greece #Spain & #Italy, including: The coming designed riots there & steps 2 take ahead of #NWO strike. The full program will be available to my #Newsbud & #Patreon communities. Stay Tuned...
My segment will include steps to get ahead of the coming “Designed” riots in these countries. #Soros Not done with #Hungary. #NWO Covid game includes riots in “target” #EU nations for the intended Domino Effect. Join my #CommonSense communities at Newsbud or Patreon, and tune in.
To those of you DM’ing me on whether this coming analysis will include #Turkey: The short answer “No”. Too late for any steps there. Unfortunately, with the majority’s participation there, the design destiny has been carved in Stone. Sad: yes. Real: Yes.
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1. To get a better idea of where #Covid19 might be the biggest problem in the short term, I organized this growth rate chart from countries with highest to lowest rate increases over the past 8 days.
2. Among countries with a recent #Covid19 growth rate of 18% or higher between May 17-20 are #Ethiopia, #Brazil, #Bangladesh, #India, #Kenya, #Mexico, #Egypt, #Pakistan, #Congo, #Nigeria, #SouthAfrica, #Columbia, #Iraq, #Afghanistan, #Argentina, & #Sudan.
3. Countries Between 6-18% #Covid19 Growth Rate between May 17-20 Include #Indonesia, #Russia, #Philippines, #USA, #Iran, #Myanmar, #Uganda, #Algeria, #Ukraine, #Canada, & #Poland.
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“The Odds of the “1/3” USA Winning Against the NWO” Watch the full video here:
What we’re seeing with these riots here in #USA will be replicated around the world: On Unemployment, Hunger, Ethnicity, Race ... Watch #Spain #Greece #Turkey ... All by design. #Covid curfew replaced by #riot curfew. Flu interchanged with poverty ... All preplannec by NWO strike
The coup is in effect: Not the time to hide in lockdown under your blankets. Pls watch this video and dial the numbers per my discussion. We need to quickly establish the network with the 1/3. Tune in and join our action alert.
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You know I’m obsessed with Mujeres Libres, anarchist feminists during the Spanish Civil War. I’ve also posted about 19th century Argentinian anarcho-feminists. Today, I’m reading about Japanese anarchist feminists at the turn of 20th century: e.g. Itō Noe…
“Rise up, women wake up! As in the struggle workers are engaged in against capitalists to break down the class system, our demands for freedom and equality with men...will not be won if we do not raise our voices, if no blood is shed,” Kanno Sugako, 1906…
Feminism and anarchism in #Japan: Takamuri Itsui, 1894-1964…
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A first reaction to the @EU_Commission announcement of the #recoveryfund #mff and other aspects of the Euro 750 billion #fiscalstimulus package to be launched by @vonderleyen today ...

A twitter #thread

"it is too little, it is too late and it may end up being watered down"
My initial reaction and response to the Franco-German #recoveryfund proposal was captured here on @POLITICOEurope and remains largely true ...…

This is not a macro economic significant sum
Nor is it a step towards a #fiscalunion or even just #eurobonds
According to @Reuters #Italy will get Euro 82 billion in grants and euro 91 billion in loans. #Spain will get euro 77 billion in grants and 63 billion in loans. Italian and Spanish GDP in 2019 was Euro 2,000 billion and Euro 1,400 billion and may fall by euro 300/200 billion 2020
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Thread: Predicting #COVID deaths in the US from 8k to 100k.

I started predicting the US COVID death toll ~2 months ago. All of my predictions to date have proven accurate. The most painful predictions I have ever made.

Why have we failed to stop the #coronavirus in the US?

My first prediction on Apr 4 (toll @ 8k) was for the Easter Sunday (20k):

In my Apr 12 thread (toll @ 20k), I explained the fundamental systems concepts for the #coronavirus epidemic:

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THREAD: For @politico I mapped out which countries are doing best when both their health and economic #coronavirus outcomes are considered - see here, with @beatricezjin.

#Vietnam is the clear best performer; the US ranks just 24th of 30.… #COVID
#1 Vietnam: The easy ranking leader as the biggest country with no COVID-19 deaths (95m), barely 300 cases, and economy still set to grow 2.7% in 2020.
#2 is #Taiwan: They avoided the need for a full lockdown by taking early action in January, proving that containment was possible despite proximity and other links with China. Still, with 70 percent of GDP linked to exports, Taiwan's economy is on track to shrink 4 percent.
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Closing of the virtual #WHA73 with @DrTedros. #COVID19…
We know that this #COVID19 pandemic brings serious social-economic effects because to face up to its exponential growth, we had to take draconian measures.

-#Colombia🇨🇴 President @IvanDuque at #WHA73

If we are sufficiently disciplined, work together sufficiently joined, we will be able to face this with success.
That is what we tried to do in #Colombia. We have taken difficult, drastic decisions. This has helped us.
-🇨🇴 President @IvanDuque at #WHA73
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"The Coronavirus crisis has exposed some of the problems with China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) or One Belt One Road (OBOR) projects."

#FactsMatter #China #OBOR #BRI #BeltandRoad #QAnon #ChinaIsAsshoe
"The BRI, much like Chinese State-Owned Entities (SOEs) are Trojan horses for China’s military intelligence, and are designed primarily to benefit China."

#China #BeltandRoad #OBOR #BRI #ChinaVirus #QAnon #FactsMatter
"We can observe the same thing with Huawei, and its performance as a Trojan horse for China’s surveillance state, but some researchers miss the connection."

#Huawei #China #TrojanHorse #OBOR #BRI #FactsMatter #QAnon
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⚠️How can this happen in one of your member states @EU_Commission?

Surprisingly enough there is one EU member which is not in compliance with neither #UN recommendations nor ECJ’s rules.

👉This man -among other Catalan leaders- should had been released long ago.

(1/2) On May 30 2019, “UN demands release of Catalan leaders”.

👉#sPain still holds them imprisoned today.…
(2/2) On Dec 19 2019, “EU top court to rule on jailed Catalan separatist MEP immunity”.

👉#sPain still holds him imprisoned today.…
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We have been tracking the coronavirus/COVID19 outbreak VERY closely since it started in #China in January, and we have learnt a fair bit about what data to use and not use in the process = A THREAD.

A key point: There is no single source of data that is the best. The data is collected in a decentralized way. Hence, you have to think about which data is best for each jurisdiction (though it is nearly impossible to track them all individually).
Initially, the focus was on #China, and we relied on the official press release from the CDC in China and key individual provinces for the analysis of new cases and deaths and details about how the statistics were changing (diagnostic criteria etc).…
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No God, no boss, no husband: The world’s first explicitly anarchist-feminist group was created as part of the thriving 19th century Anarchist movement in #Argentina. It produced the first anarcha-feminist newspaper, La Voz de la Mujer.… via @libcomorg
An editorial asserted, “We believe that in present-day society nothing and nobody has a more wretched situation than unfortunate women.”

Women, they said, were doubly oppressed - by bourgeois society and by men.
Its contributors, like anarchist feminists elsewhere, developed a concept of oppression that focused on gender oppression. Marriage was a bourgeois institution which restricted women’s freedom, including their sexual freedom.
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Weekend #Covid19 Global Round-up thread.
Starting with NYS, where large number of tests (46.9K) were reported (unknown when samples were taken) yesterday with lowest positive rate (22.5%) since March 17. @David_EatonJr 1/x
With⬆️testing, we WILL see increased cases, as @NateSilver538 has aptly stated; positive rate WILL also tend to go ⬇️, irrespective of whether true prevalence is⬆️, flat or ⬇️. Deaths, ICU use, hospitalizations, OTOH, should be RELATIVELY unaffected. 2/x
Keeping the above in mind, harder to say that increased cases (both nationally and excluding NY, MA, NJ, CT) are meaningful. Remember also that we have seen a pattern of decreased cases on Sundays and Mondays. If testing stays high, that may be less apparent.
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⚠️New #coronavirus deaths per day in the US have flattened, but are NOT yet declining.

@realDonaldTrump keeps pushing to reopen in defiance of experts, who advise that new #COVID19 cases must decline substantially BEFORE reopening. Otherwise, cases and deaths will soar again.
‼️>47,000 Americans have died from #COVID19 in *only 1 month*, and the real death toll is higher, because MANY #coronavirus deaths were not recorded due to lack of testing.

If Trump reopens too early without testing, MORE American lives will be lost.🤬

#WhereAreTheTests #PPENow
🚨Although new #coronavirus cases per day in the US have flattened, they are NOT declining substantially.

We still average >20,000 new #COVID19 cases every day, so if we reopen too early without sufficient testing, new #COVID19 cases will EXPLODE.

#WhereAreTheTests #StayHome
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Thread w/updates of NYS, US, & some places around the world. TL; DR - Ohio looks bad; NYS MUCH better; US MAY (or may not..) be plateauing; Italy & Spain look better each day, but it is a long slog. And I am still convinced that US death toll from THIS wave is 100K+
Even with lower testing (16.3K), NYS had lowest positive rate in 4 weeks at 29.0%. Deaths are dropping. Case finding is much lower. Expect a rebound after the weekend, but all signs are favorable. @David_EatonJr
While the northeastern epicenter (NYS, NJ, CT, MA) are starting to come off their cliff (collectively), there is less evidence of that for the remainder of the country (collectively). Today is higher than last monday for US ex those states. Need more days to know.
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