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David Hencke investigates why Boris #Johnson’s Government handed out £1.7 million for #election management services without a competitive tender.
A large software company whose shareholders include #Brexiter and former #Conservative Cabinet minister Peter #Lilley
has been given a lucrative contract by the Cabinet Office without competitive tendering to revamp the management of the electoral register in extraordinary circumstances.
Though local government is in charge of the electoral register, the Government has responsibility
to contract an annual national canvas of people entitled to vote. #Idox Software Ltd, part of the worldwide Idox Group, won the £1.7 million contract for its revamp just in advance of purdah imposed by the 2019 General Election –
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Have you noticed how the people making the arguments for a hard or no-deal #Brexit aren’t formally connected, but sound similar?
And have you noticed how none of their arguments seem to be a positive thing for the #environment?
There’s one very good reason why.
All those pushing for market deregulation and for the #UK to enter into trade deals that could be catastrophic for the #climate are connected
As a new map from DeSmog shows, there is a large network of lobbyists and campaigners based out of offices in and around Westminster’s
55 Tufton Street – with ties to climate science denial on both sides of the #Atlantic – that is now calling the #Brexit shots
Tufton Street Network
The map shows around 2,000 connections between the supposedly separate groups in the network, all operating around #Tufton Street.
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Outsourcing Brexit: £180 Million in Cabinet Office Contracts for Corporate Giants…

Huge #Government contracts for the delivery of #Brexit have been awarded to the same outsourcing behemoths making a mint from #Coronavirus, reports Sam Bright
#Brexit consultancy contracts worth £180 million have been outsourced by the Cabinet Office to corporate giants including #Deloitte and #McKinsey, Byline Times can reveal.

Released today, #Govt documents show six identical contracts, each worth £30 million,
for the provision of “strategic programme management” related to the conclusion of the Brexit transition period – set to formally end on 31 December, 2020.

The consultancy contracts run from 1 September 2020 to 31 August 2021,
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1/10: A win for #JoeBiden in the #USElection next week would be good for the overall interests of #UK but problematic for the #BorisJohnson government. How would the arrival of a Biden administration affect British #foreignpolicy? A thread..
2/10: As the song says, it ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it. Not all #Trump foreign policy was bad (though much was). He made an important call on #China. But he has no idea of the common good, squandered American leadership & damaged alliances & institutions.
3/10: #Biden would be a reversion toward the norm. Unexciting perhaps, but needed & welcome. But he would not mean wholesale change in #US foreign policy. The pressures of #COVID19, political polarisation & economic dislocation remain. As will the tough geopolitical environment.
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Robert Bryson
A prediction.
It has been reported that Boris Johnson has been deliberately using delaying tactics over the #Brexit deal until after the #U.S. elections.
If Donald Trump loses the election Boris Johnson will probably agree to some form of a #Brexit deal.
If Donald Trump wins, it will be a no deal #Brexit.
What sort of partnership has there been forged behind the scenes between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump and will this be the awaited opportunity for the #UK to become another #U.S. 52 state?
Let us not forget the link between Donald #Trump, Boris #Johnson, Nigel #Farage and Dominic #Cummings with the campaign and far right coach Steve #Bannon, prior to the rigged #UK General Election, who has since been arrested and is now awaiting trial for #fraud.
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1. St Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons, was born around 849 - the fifth son of the king.

Having become king himself on 23 April 871, Danish invaders posed a severe threat #StAlfredTheGreat #Oct26 #UK #England #SaintOfTheDay
2. but he managed to establish Saxon supremacy.

Alfred improved the quality of life of his subjects: he issued laws, restored and founded monasteries, including Shaftesbury Abbey.

A patron of the arts, literature and other Church matters, he was loved in his #medievaltwitter
3. realm.

His wife, St Elswith, whom he married in 868, bore him five children, St Ethelgiva of Shaftesbury was one of them.

He translated Bede’s Ecclesiastical History into Anglo-Saxon, as well as the Pastoral Rule and Dialogues of Pope St Gregory the Great.
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#BREAKING: #Iraq announces 3,785 new cases of #COVID19 and 48 deaths from the disease
#BREAKING: #SaudiArabia announces 383 new cases of #COVID19, 14 deaths from the disease and 397 more recoveries from it
#BREAKING: The "real number" of #coronavirus cases in #Spain is more than three million, PM Pedro Sanchez said Friday
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Ausschreitungen vor der Botschaft von #Guinea in #Paris gegen eine Wiederwahl von Alpha Condé für eine dritte Amtszeit kandidiert. In Guinea kam es zu massiven Unruhen bei den 10 Menschen getötet wurden.

Demonstranten brachen in die Botschaft #Guinea in #London / #UK ein und durchsuchten und verwüsteten sie.
#GuineeVote2020 #GuineaVote2020

Auch in Brüssel kam es vor der Botschaft von #Guinea zu starken Spannungen zwischen Demonstranten und der Polizei. Die Polizei setzte Wasserwerfer ein.
#Brüssel #Brussels #GuineaVote2020 #GunieeVote2020

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#Liverpool agrees to change restrictions Image
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Take a closer look at some of the contracts and their #Tory links...

PA Consulting Services Ltd
Sir Merrick Cockell is the ex-Tory leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council
Sir Merrick Cockell is the ex-Tory leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council (Image: Kensington and Chelsea
Contracts - Three

WHAT FOR: Consulting
LINK: Tory ex-leader of Kensington and Chelsea council Sir Merrick Cockell has been a senior adviser since 2014.

The bulk of the work was for consulting on the ventilator challenge.
Meller Designs
Total - £90. 9 million

Contracts: Four

WHAT FOR: Hand sanitiser, face masks

LINK: Co-owner is David Meller, who has given Tories £65,000 in 10 years.
Also gave £3,250 to Michael Gove’s failed bid for leadership in 2016.
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The Covid-19 data and statistics, that we are all now so familiar with, have been reported by the mainstream media (MSM) practically without scrutiny.

There have been some notable exceptions; a few journalists who still understand their vital role to question power.
Unfortunately, for the most part, questions have been most notable for their absence.
Without a functioning mainstream #media, and with #government scientific advisors seemingly bought and paid for by pharmaceutical corporations, it has been left to independent journalists
and researchers to question the Covid-19 narrative that we are all supposed to accept without hesitation.
Few have worked harder than Mark #Oakford.

Mark has sent 1,392 freedom of information requests to local authorities, #Clinical Commissioning Groups, #NHS trusts,
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1. News: Exclusive from the People's General, Lt. General Michael Flynn @GenFlynn: 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸"STAND WITH ME, Renounce the Left & Hold the Line on Nov 3" -Thread 10.21.2020… #VoteRedToSaveAmerica #Trump2020LandslideVictory #MAGA #SaveAmerica
2. News: Heartbreaking Child Abuse: Poor NM Boy Walks to School Everyday So He Can Sit and Have WiFi as Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham Continues to Shut Down State (VIDEO)… #COVID #Lockdowns #Children #schools
3. News: Joe Biden Jumbles Words, Confuses Anchor Chris Wallace with His Father Mike, Who Passed Away 8 Years Ago (VIDEO)… #BIDEN #GAFFS
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1. When the pagan Saxons laid waste our island from sea to sea, many of its old British inhabitants fled. Ursula and companions seem to have left Britain about that time
#StUrsula #Oct12 #Christianity #History #SaintOfTheDay
2. for the Castle Brittenburgh on the Rhine and to have met a glorious death in defence of their virginity from the army of the Huns, which in the fifth age plundered that country, and carried fire and the sword wherever they came.

#Huns #Saxons #UK #England #Christiantwitter
3. Sigebert’s Chronicle places their martyrdom in 453.

They were buried at Cologne, where, according to the custom of those early ages, a great church was built over their tombs, which was very famous in 643, when St Cunibert was chosen archbishop in it. #Cologne #StCunibert
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Cablo #UK #StrictlyConfidential su #Mattei che avrebbe detto
"Ci ho messo 7 anni per condurre il Gov italiano verso una apertura a sinistra. E posso dirle che mi ci vorranno meno di 7 anni per far uscire l'#Italia dalla #NATO e metterla alla testa dei paesi neutrali"
Agosto 1962
Min Energia #UK #Jarratt "L’#ENI sta diventando una crescente minaccia agli interessi britannici...La minaccia ENI si sviluppa, in molte parti del mondo, nell’infondere una sfiducia latente nei confronti delle compagnie petrolifere occidentali..." #SECRET FO
Agosto 1962
L’#Eni incoraggia l’autarchia petrolifera a scapito degli investimenti e degli scambi delle imprese britanniche. Nel febbraio del 1961, il #ForeignOffice divulgò una circolare sull’Eni
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#BREAKING: #Russia reports record high of 317 #coronavirus deaths in past 24 hours Image
#BREAKING: #Kremlin says #Russia is not planning new lockdown to contain #coronavirus
#BREAKING: #UAE records 1,538 new #coronavirus cases, 1,501 recoveries and 2 deaths Image
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“And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up..."

4.1 BACK TO [#satan] GETTING "EVE-IC-TED" FROM #GOD'S @WhiteHouse

IMO, #REVELATION 12:12 occurred shortly after @POTUS took office

"the great #dragon was cast out, that old serpent 🐍 called the #Devil and #Satan, which deceiveth the whole world"

"This MONSTER came and worked its [WHORE]ible [WHORE]ible "SPELL" over the world"



"We're going to get back..." to #Christ

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Dear #FridaysForFuture: u have rocked the world, & you continue to rock. But ur mobilisations (like those of the 'old' #climate-movement) have not led to structural changes. The other side digs in deeper, wins battles like #CAPReform.

Question: how will we step up the fight?
Let's turn this into a #thread on #climatejustice-strategy for the European movement(s).

1st thing to acknowledge is: there *is* no European #climate/CJ-movement. There are movements of hugely varying strength w/in different countries, & w/ the exception of the @gastivists
fighting the EU-Commission's project of switching Europe to #fossilgas - that's the commission w/ the "#greendeal", which e.g. #Greens continue to defend (…) - there's no movement player (yet) who's attempted significant EU-wide mobilisations since 2015.
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Wow -- This is an extraordinary piece of work by @OSFJustice & @syrian_archive.

*The* definitive guide to #Syria's Scientific Studies & Research Center (SSRC), responsible for #Assad's chemical weapons program:… Image
@OSFJustice @syrian_archive The @OSFJustice & @syrian_archive detail the #SSRC's structure & its evolution:

- Jamraya Center

- Branch 450 (for storing, mixing & loading warheads pre-attack), supervised by #Assad, with Units in Safira (416), Khan Abu Al-Shamat (417), Latakia (418) & #Aleppo (419) ImageImage
@OSFJustice @syrian_archive #pt: #Syria's #SSRC cont'd:

- Institute 1000 (Electronics Institute), to produce electronic & computerized systems in a tunnel complex in Jamraya.

- Institute 2000 (Mechanical Institute), whose engineers cooperate with #NorthKorea & #Iran / produced barrel bombs & IRAMs. ImageImageImageImage
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#BillGates is after an Open-Air-Prison for the Whole World. 3 prong system:
1. TrackAndTraceApp #Covid19 “Detection Patent”
2. 5G monitoring (connects app)
3. Injected chip (connects all)
4. Forced crypto system UBI to get it
5. Serco Prison Administration
2/ this Worldwide Open-Air-Prison is being tested in #Australia Right now in full where they also have added a 5 Kilometer travelling radius limit. They fine you severely & arrest ppl for going outside. They have also added a 25km additional barrier.
These are the Fence Pens.
Anyone thinking “this is a conspiracy theory” is fooling themselves. This is being built RIGHT NOW in front of everyone’s faces and it’s completely documented, spelled out by them also in plain view. We have entered the fast speed construction phase of this, its not an IDEA
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