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‼️💝#मानवी_हृदय_सरंचना 💝‼️
#हृदय यास इंग्रजीत #Heart म्हणतात
हृदयाचा अभ्यास करणाऱ्या शास्त्राला
#Cardiology असे म्हणतात हृदयाचा
डॉक्टरला #Cardiologist म्हणतात
मानवी हृदय हे दोन्ही फुफ्फुसां च्या
मध्ये आणि छातीच्या हाडाच्या मागे
स्थित असते ते मध्यभागी नसून थोड्या
प्रमाणात तिरकस आणि डावीकडे असते.
पुरुष ३४० gram व आणि
स्त्रीच्या २५५ gram असते
#हृदयाचे_ठोके #Heart_beats
हृदयाचे ठोके मोजण्याचे उपकरण
स्टेस्थे स्कोपच्या(शोध स्टेथेस्कोपचा
शोध रेने लैनक याने लावला)
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Canadian guidance on #alcohol consumption
(January 2023)
1. Young people should delay alcohol use for as long as possible.

2. Individuals should not start to use alcohol or increase their alcohol use for health benefits.

3. Any reduction in alcohol use is beneficial.
4. When pregnant or trying to get pregnant, no amount of alcohol is safe
5. When breastfeeding, not drinking is safest
6. Consuming no drinks is associated with better health & better sleep,
7. Three to six drinks/week raise the risk of developing breast, colon & other cancers
8. Seven or more drinks per week increase the risk of #heart disease or #stroke.

9. Each additional drink "radically increases" the risk of these health consequences.

10. Consuming one or two standard drinks weekly will likely not have alcohol-related consequences.
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1/14 #Men and #women experience disease differently. This is reminiscent of #SyndromeX and other chronic disease like #MECFS, #slow #virus manifestations, and even #LongCovid and post-acute sequelae of #SARSCoV2.

A thread summary article 🧵….
2/14 "#Women are up to 75 per cent more likely to experience #adverse #reactions to #prescription #drugs than #men because of a range of differences in #traits between the #sexes, according to a new study from The #Australian #National #University (#ANU)."
3/14 "The researchers believe more should be done to take this into account when treating #diseases."
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THREAD: #Virology: Unmasking a 100+ Year Old Lie

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong.

#vaccinegenocide #vaccines #vaccinedeath #PfizerLiedPeopleDied #thread…
We Need To Base Our Understanding of Reality Upon Reality, Not Manipulation.

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong....
In order to understand the world around us as the truth about it is emerging from a 100+ year slumber, it’s going to be important to challenge ideas that have absolutely zero basis in reality.

I will start off by saying that we have been duped - ALL OF US.
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My resting #heart rate (RHR) during past last week ranged from 41 to 47 bpm (average HR 45 bpm)

1. Lower HR (without use of medications) has several health-related benefits.
#MedTwitter #fitness #Health Image
2. Middle aged people with RHR >70 bpm have 68% higher risk of death and 20% higher risk of coronary events during 10.5 year follow up as compared to those with RHR <70 bpm.…
3. Compared to men with RHR ≤ 50, those with RHR > 90 had three times higher risk of death (during 16 year follow up)
With RHR as a continuous variable, risk of death increased with 16% per 10 beats per minute (bpm).…
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Anti-acidity medicines increase the risk of heart attacks

1. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) like omeprazole, esomeprazole & rabeprazole are commonly used for treating GERD and other acidity-related disorders.
A recent study looked at long-term PPI use and risk of heart diseases.
2. 19,229 adults with type 2 diabetes were followed up for about 11 years.
Long term PPI users had 27% higher risk of coronary artery disease; 34% higher risk of myocardial infarction, 35% higher risk of heart failure & 30% higher risk of all-cause death, as compared to non-users
3. The mechanism of PPI increasing the risk of #heart diseases could be: the effects of PPI on altering gut microbes and their interaction with anti-platelet agents (PPIs may reduce the bio-availability of clopidogrel).
#MedTwitter #Gastroenterology #gerd
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„After my first #covid #vaccination I felt headache during and after exercise and I had to vomit. I thought I've been busy, didn't sleep well, this will pass.
But I was wrong. After the booster vaccination in January 2022 I got #heart #palpitations while exercising. …“

„It got worse also during work and climbing stairs. My heart bests raised up to 165 per min.
In March 2022 I got #covid, mild /moderate - some headache.
But heart complaints were getting worse and I got pain in my left arm and neck. Cardiologist couldn't find anything. …“

„Since March 2022 my life paused. I worked as a physicaltherapist with people who have cancer. 
I exercised 6 times a week, I sang in a band and acted for fun.
In result of rehabilitation I can walk slowly for 50 minutes again. I'm still unable to work. …“

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They been making #Diddy trend for days now because they don’t want the masses to to see this, the distraction is real…💉💦
#FauciFiles #fauci #vaccine #Biden #thenoticing #jewishsupremacy #Wuhan #Pfizer #BlackTwitter #vaccinated #DiedSuddendly…
Please Lord, Pretty please…. Image
The Man of the hour, @montaga the people are saluting you
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My feeling is that many people in times of crisis (#corona, #EnergyCrisis, #inflation) do not perceive or hardly perceive (correctly) some natural phenomena at night, such as the starry #sky.
This can sometimes be seen beautifully even in big cities like #Berlin (See videos by @MusiciScience on various platforms).

In addition, there are also certain #acoustic #phenomena that probably few people think about. For example, I wondered why I sometimes wake up at night. An #audio spectrum analysis may reveal the cause. Take a look at the video in the last tweet in this thread.
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1. You can get all the #exercise you need in just 8 minutes a day if you work out a bit harder, according to a new study.

Just 54 minutes of vigorous exercise per week can lower the risk of early #death from any cause by 36%, and chances of getting #heart disease by 35%. Image
2. Current guidelines recommend 150–300 min of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, 75–150 min of vigorous physical activity, or a combination of both/week. However, 50-75% of population can not fulfil this due to various reasons.
8 min/day should be manageable for majority.
Take home message
Short bouts of vigorous exercises (8-10 min/day) may be a good option for busy people.
#fitness #running #MedTwitter
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Why do a few young, physically active, seemingly healthy people suffer from heart attack?
1. A person with normal body weight, doing regular running, cycling, or working out in gym, is not immune to heart attack, as a few recent reports suggest. Here are some of the reasons why:
2. Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy (HCM)
HCM accounts for 40% cases of sudden cardiac death (SCD) in young athletes. Unfortunately over 80 % of affected individuals are asymptomatic before SCD, which often occurs during exercise or in its aftermath.
#running #fitness
3. Cardiac arrhythmia
About 15-20% cases of SCD occur due to cardiac #arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm). In patients younger than 35, the most common cause of SCD is a fatal arrhythmia, usually in the context of a structurally normal #Heart.
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Empagliflozin is now my go-to SGLT2i for pts with #diabetes and #CKD or #CHF, over cana or dapa or ertu.


and EMPEROR-Reduced and EMPEROR-Preserved
EMPA-KIDNEY is unique because it enrolled GFR 20-45 *without* proteinuria whereas others (DAPA CKD, CANVAS) enrolled pts with CKD+proteinuria, though DAPA-CKD conducted a subgroup analysis for UACR < and > 1000
The primary outcome was a composite of progression of #kidney disease (defined as #ESRD, a sustained decrease in eGFR to <10, a sustained decrease in eGFR of ≥40% from baseline, or death
from #renal causes) or death from #cardiovascular causes
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Relationship of #distance #run per week to coronary #Heart disease risk factors

1. Guidelines recommend 30 minutes of vigorous #exercise on most days, if not all days. What is the effect if one exceeds these limits? Is it beneficial or harmful?
#running #fitness #marathon
2. Compared with runners who ran less than 16 km (10 miles) per week, long-distance runners (≥80 km/wk) showed:
#2.5 times higher prevalence of HDL>60 (protective against heart disease)
#50% reduction in hypertension
#>50% reduction in need to BP or cholesterol lowering drugs
3. Estimated age-adjusted 10-year coronary heart disease (CHD) risk was 30% lower in runners who averaged more than 64 km/week than in those who averaged less than 16 km/week (42 vs 61 events per 1000 men).
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Correlation between resting #heart rate (HR) at admission and long-term #Survival in patients admitted with #stroke
1. High resting HR is a risk factor for stroke and death. In a recent study, patient's HR at admission after stroke was correlated with long term survival & death. ImageImageImage
2. Compared with the reference group (mean heart rate < 60 bpm), risk of #death was 23% higher for mean heart rate 60–69 bpm, 74% higher for mean heart rate 70–79 bpm, 116% higher for mean heart rate 80–89 bpm, and 183% higher for mean heart rate ≥ 90 bpm.
3. Compared with the reference group (mean heart rate < 60 bpm), the risk of cardiovascular death was 18% higher for mean heart rate 60–69 bpm, 57% higher for mean heart rate 70–79 bpm, 98% higher for mean heart rate 80–89 bpm, and 136% higher for mean heart rate ≥ 90 bpm.
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Awesome October 2021: A month of 31 half #marathons on 31 consecutive days- sharing my experience
1.Starting from 30th September, and ending on 31st October 2021, I completed 32 runs of 21.1 km or longer, with a total mileage of 817 km in 32 days (average of 25.5 km/day).
This included one Full marathon (42.2 km) on 30th October.
2.The purpose was to test my #endurance, and to see the #physical & #mental effects of long distance #running on 32 consecutive days. I present my observations here.
3. How difficult was it? In reality, it was not difficult. Once you get up and start the run, it is easy to complete. The most important is- you need 2.5 to 3.5 hours time to compete the distance. I could manage that in the mornings between 5 and 8:30 AM.
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Doctors in India live 10 years lesser than average population- What can doctors do to save their lives?

Yes, you heard it right. Studies from Kerala and Pune by Indian Medical Association revealed these shocking statistics- doctors die about a decade earlier that the rest.
Life expectancy of a Malayali (native of Kerala) is 74.9 years but according to the IMA study, the mean ‘age of death’ of a Malayali doctor is 61.75 years. Indian doctor’s average lifespan is 55-59 years, almost 10 years lesser than that of the general population (IMA, Pune).
Common causes of death: #heart attacks (27%) and #cancers (25%). Other causes include #infections and #Suicides.
Risk factors for diseases and #death: physical inactivity, #obesity, #overweight, #stress, #sleep deprivation and long working hours are common among #doctors.
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Resting heart rate (RHR): What is normal; health hazards of higher RHR; how to lower the RHR?
1. What is normal RHR?
Normal RHR in most adults ranges from 60-100 bpm. However, in well trained athletes, RHR is much lower, and it may be close to 40 bpm.
#fitness #Heart #running
2. Is there a difference between RHR of men and women?
Yes. The average adult male RHR is 70-72 bpm, while the average for adult women is between 78 and 82 bpm. This difference is largely accounted for by the size of the heart, which is typically smaller in females than males.
3. Does the RHR vary according to the age?
In children below 10, RHR is higher. However, above 10 years of age, RHR ranges from 60-100 bpm, including in the elderly.
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Heart rate during work out: What is desirable and what is unsafe?
1. For an aerobic activity to be effective, the intensity should be at least moderate. The best way to measure the intensity of workout such as running is to check the #Heart rate. This thread is about heart rate.
2. What is resting HR?
Resting HR is the HR noted on waking up after a good night's #sleep before you leave the bed. For most adults, it ranges between 60-100/min. For physically #fit people, it may be lower, and may range between 40-60/minute.
3. Which is better- lower or higher resting HR?
Lower resting HR is better. It means- heart has to contract lesser number of times to do its work. Studies have found that a HIGHER resting heart rate is linked with LOWER physical #fitness, HIGHER blood pressure and body #weight.
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial, Update on New HFrEF Data from ESC 2022 with a Focus on Vericiguat. Our expert author is Giuseppe Galati MD, MMSc in Heart Failure, FHFA, @GiuseppeGalati_ , Consultant #Cardiologist #HeartFailure & #Cardiomyopathies
2) @GiuseppeGalati_ is at San Raffaele Research Hospital, Milan 🇮🇹 @SanRaffaeleMI. This program is intended for #healthcare professionals & is accredited for 0.75h CE/#CME credit for #physicians #physicianassistants #nurses #nursepractitioners #pharmacists.
3) This program is supported by an educational grant from Bayer. See archived programs still open for credit at Statement of accreditation & faculty disclosures at🙏 FOLLOW US !
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When is the best time to take BP-lowering medicines: morning or night?

High BP (#hypertension) is a common risk factor for causing #stroke, #heartattack, #heart failure and #death. Keeping BP within normal limits is one of best ways to prevent these complications.
In people without hypertension (HTN), BP is usually lower during nights (#sleep), however, in people with HTN and people aged 55 or more, BP can actually rise during sleep (reverse dipping). Studies have shown a higher incidence of heart attacks and strokes in early mornings.
In a large clinical research done in Spain in about 20,000 people, who were followed up for >6 years, people who take their BP medicines at night time had better 24-hour BP control, including at nights, as compared to those who take BP medicines in mornings.
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A leading dentist calls me just now saying he has a patient with a suspected heart attack. The patient had gone to him with severe jaw pain. An astute dentist he was quick to identify it as referred pain of cardiac origin. Rest is history. #Heart attack is a great masquerader.
The cardiac innervations depend on the afferent sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves (lazy nerve). The majority of the innervations are transferred through the first five thoracic roots. The link between the lazy nerve and the trigeminal nucleus explains the pain in the jaw.
Another atypical manifestation of a heart attack is interscapular pain and shoulder blade pain. This is often seen in women and ECG and Echo are usually silent in this case. It is often due to left circumflex artery involvement.
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I AM who I AM—A “KID” !


I AM #GOOFY 🐮!!!

WATCH how They all get set FREE !


#Rock !

Patrick !!!



WE #tWINNING !! ❤️‍🔥 ❤️‍🔥
I AM !
#ROCK !!!
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हृदय तुमच्यासाठी आयुष्यभर
#24x07x365days चालते
तुम्ही हृदयासाठी रोज 45 मिनिटे चाला
#आरोग्य म्हणजे #शारीरिक #मानसिक,
#सामाजिक#अध्यात्मिक, #सुअवस्था.
सुदृढ आरोग्यासाठी चालणे हा सर्वोत्तम
उपाय,रोज किमान २० मिनिटे चालण्याचा
वा सायकल चालवण्याचा व्यायाम केल्यास
पुरुषांमधील हृदयाच्या तक्रारींचा धोका कमी होतो, असे आढळले आहे.
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2/9 Being a fibroelastic sac the pericardium covers & protects the #heart

In constrictive pericarditis:
1️⃣healing of acute pericarditis
2️⃣granulation tissue
3️⃣obliteration of pericardial cavity
4️⃣loss of pericardial elasticity
5️⃣restriction in ventricular filling

Correspondingly #cardiacimaging with #cardiacMRI in T1 mapping shows ⬆️ extracellular volume in myocardium, suggestive of global myocardial fibrosis, as shown by… 10.1016/j.jccase.2018.06.001
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