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When most people think of #Communism, they often understand it as an #economic system for the sharing of wealth. Yet communism is anything but that.

It pushes for a seizure of all private property, and all means of production.

Commentary by @JoshJPhilipp…
“Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality.”

“The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course when its complement vanishes, and both will vanish with the vanishing of capital.”
Both above quotes are from “The Communist Manifesto,” and both illustrate the true goals of #Communism.
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#economics thread

@aoc's expansionary, unconstrained domestic spending proposal #GND (Green New Deal) is based on #MMT (Modern Monetary Theory).

It argues only regulating inflation & unemployment matters, not

Some of my problems with MMT...…
I'll let @paulkrugman handle MMT's explicit problems. Mine are with its implicit presumptions:
1—We know how to manage long term vs short term
2—Global interdependencies don't matter
3—permission for uncapped spending
4—ignoring effect of aging
5—We can control inflation post-MMT
1) LT vs ST
Even w/traditional keynesianism, we are terrible at ½ the theory. SAVE during booms, spend during downturns. We've got the 2nd half down. Not the first one. Is there anything in our history that might suggest we are capable or willing to make good LT rate decisions?
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The new @wiiw_news Handbook of #Statistics 2018 contains updated key #macroeconomic & structural indicators for 22 economies in #CESEE serving as easy-to-use reference tool & facilitating comparisons across topics, countries & time.…
Thread: 1/11
New features of the 2018 ed. include e.g.
- new key indicators at #regional levels
- #wages & #investment data by activity now also available for #Turkey
- comparable #structural breakdown for all countries
Find below examples of some conclusions from the newly released data
All countries in #CESEE experienced positive #economic #growth in 2017, clear leader was #EUCEE with average real GDP growth of 4.9%. Ten economies achieved their highest real #GDP growth rates over the last 5 years.
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WATCH @TeamCavuto 4:30PM EST on @FoxNews as I breakdown the latest on #NorthKorea, #China and #PresidentTrump. @realDonaldTrump
#NOKO is following the same pattern of diplomacy that they have always done. They have made pledges that they had no intention of keeping and then they cry foul when the US holds them accountable.
This is the norm but also it is a dangerous game for #KimJongUn because #PresidentTrump has a great deal at stake and Kim does not understand how determined the #POTUS is to WIN.
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There's far too much #bull being rattled around this ref. proposal. Wake up #Ireland folks; yes, we need to amend wording to reflect reality, ensure equality of responsibility is norm; no, it would be terminally stupid to throw it all out altogether,reduce legal standing of all/1
2/ from potentially exploitative employers' points of view. Amendment should not mean rescinding basic tenets on protecting #economic position of wo/men w children & of childrens' rights to home & care there, it should mean updating in line with values & mores of us now & ongoing
3/ See the shiiiiit-stirrrrring for what it is: #brexit deflector #Border deflector #EU agreement deflector #criminalcase going down deflector #Referendum #Women of #Ireland you're way brighter than that, get a grip. And trolls can just bot off with themselves. Hi @TransparentRef
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