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@KyivIndependent (1/x)
Heartbreaking Thread 💔

Two Ukrainian women from #Mariupol have been guests of my family since the day before yesterday. Sad news from relatives in the surrounded town last night. People are dying because they lack drugs like #insulin and food. The #Russians
@KyivIndependent (2/x)

are no longer allowing #aid supplies into the city. Anyone who tries to help will be shot at. The husband and father of the two only ate a single potato yesterday. You can only pay in cash in the few shops, but the banks no longer have cash.
@KyivIndependent (3/x)
Both women who are our guests realized last night that their father and husband has no chance of surviving and will soon die if no help comes. The daughter (30) tries not to show anything. The mother (50) could hardly eat anything because she
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The @wef has just released our evaluation of #stablecoins for #financialinclusion, looking closely through case studies about where they can help. We find no compelling added value from the use of stablecoins for financial inclusion. 🧵…
#Stablecoins are subject to the same barriers and constraints as pre-existing financial options (or higher barriers in some cases, e.g. need for internet and smartphones). They can also introduce important risks on economic and technical levels.
One must closely consider the specific barriers to #financialinclusion that exist in a region and how #stablecoins or other options might address them. Regional context is imperative to addressing the complex challenges with inclusion.
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397 organizations signed a letter urging IFIs to repurpose funds into Covid assistance for border communities and prisoners in #Burma. See our press release: and the full letter for more: #Altsean #Myanmar #Covid19 #MyanmarCoup
These funds were supposed to go to the democratically elected gov't in 2020 for #Covid relief and frozen after the coup, leaving hundreds of millions unspent. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #SaveMyanmar #Pandemic #NUG
Vulnerable communities urgently need #aid against #covid19. The junta is persecuting health workers and preventing medical distribution to those who need it most. #Burma #Myanmar #HumanRights #ICRC #NGO
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1. The U.S. sees a vital role for the Security Council to tackle the negative impacts of climate on peace and security.

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken said this when he addressed the U.N. Security Council on the impact of climate change on security.

Thread 🧵

#Climate Image

2. Blinken said climate change is taken into account at every foreign policy decision because of its devastating implications and the cascading effects on virtually every aspect of our lives, like #agriculture, infrastructure, public #health, or food.…

3. Blinken said: "The consequences are falling disproportionately on vulnerable and low-income populations. And they're worsening conditions and human suffering in places already afflicted by conflict, high levels of violence, instability".

🧵 #UNSC…
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At least the West must acknowledge and accept that after a botched up, ill-planned exit from Afghanistan, the looming humanitarian crisis is their responsibility. Before they lecture the world on universal human rights, they must practice what they preach!
2. Easy to blame Pakistan for its (continued) support to Taliban, even easier to blame Afghanistan's neighbours not accepting refugees.

What is hard to admit: Yes we fuc*ed up big time, killed hundreds of thousands and wasted billions of taxpayers' money.
"We had no plan!"
3. The White Saviours' project of liberating #AfghanWomen was convenient, marketable in 2001 but certainly matters little in 2021. Shows how skin-deep and opportunistic it was then and now!
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Earlier today we were in downtown #yyc handing out water & gatorade and fruit, when we decided to stop & have a break by the Cat Cafe...when we came upon a senior lady rummaging through the city's garbage bins.

#Yyccc #Calgary #Alberta #Canada #SeniorLiving #seniorcare #Seniors
We thought she was looking for bottles to turn in for money but we were wrong. She was looking for both bottles & she was also taking food out of the bins & putting it in her cart.

As soon as we saw that we went over to offer her our help.

#Help #Community #Compassion #BeKind
We went over, asked if we could get her a cold drink & a snack & asked her if she'd like to join us on our break.

She accepted. We went into the coffee shop across from the Cat Cafe (Forgot Name), grabbed some drinks & snacks and sat down in the shade across the street. #Hope
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India has received tonnes of medical supplies from several friendly countries as aid in its fight against the catapulting coronavirus crisis. But where are all these supplies headed? #CoronavirusPandemic #IndiaCovidCrisis #IndiaNeedsOxygen #CoronaVaccine…
Indian as well as foreign media have struggled to find that out, but to no avail. Even Union Ministries in India are unable to offer much clarity on the issue. An officer said that all the foreign aid is being received by the Indian Red Cross. #aid #RedCross #IndiaNeedsOxygen
It is then sent to the Ministry of External Affairs, and thereafter, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Home Affairs step in for domestic distribution. However, reportedly, no Ministry offered any details about the distribution of COVID-19 relief consignments. #Ministry
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#Germany #Coronavirus #AID

Because of the suspicion of large-scale fraud, the federal government is stopping the advance payments of the Corona aid. This is what the "Business Insider" reports, citing in its own research.
Accordingly, November and December aid as well as bridging aid I to III are affected. This category includes restaurants, hotels and also retailers, for example. As the magazine reports, "hitherto unknowns are said to have exploited a loophole in several federal corona aid".
They are said to have pretended to be a "third party checking" with false identities - for example, as a tax advisor. It is only possible to apply for aid funds for companies through auditing third parties.
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1/9: The #UK government will soon publish its #IntegratedReview of defence, security, development & #ForeignPolicy. This is an important inflection point: we need a comprehensive, credible vision of the #GlobalBritain agenda after #Brexit. What to expect?.. a thread..
2/9: The #IntegratedReview will set principles to guide individual policies, advocating agile, global British reach in support of democratic values. Johnson’s strap-line is “#UK as a force for good”. But lofty principles will only be credible if hard, practical choices are made.
3/9: Much will be orthodox: supporting effective #multilateralism, rule of law, open #trade. I expect strong commitment to the #US relationship (whatever some say, #Biden is a godsend for Johnson) & lots about the fashionable but nebulous concept of an “#IndoPacific tilt”.
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THREAD: Yemeni PM @DrMaeenSaeed was the guest at the #Yemen_Media_Call during which he talked to over 70 attendees from int'l media, INGOs and UN missions, addressing the formation and priorities of the newly formed #GoY as well as the situation in Aden.…
PM @DrMaeenSaeed: Missiles that struck a runway at #Aden international airport December 30, 2020, were an attempt by the #Houthis to target the airplane carrying members of the new government that had just landed.
PM @DrMaeenSaeed: Debris collected from the attack site indicated the missiles were identical to some fired earlier in Marib for which the #Houthis had taken responsibility. The attack was unexpected, given that the airport is a civilian facility and media were present there.
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THREAD: #China’s new white paper on international development cooperation was released 1 week ago. We’ve been analyzing it in depth so you don’t have to. Here are the headlines. 1/…
First, volumes. How much? On average, approx. $6.95bn a year over 2013-2018. That’s a considerable 70% increase from the $4.1bn per year from 2010-2012, in China's last such white paper (2014). 2/
The major increase is in traditional "aid". Grants have more than doubled from $1.48bn to $3.3bn, while loans have risen by 46% from $2.3bn per year to $3.35bn per year. The hit has been to interest free loans which have fallen to just 29 million per year. 3/
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#itsourbirthday! Just three years ago, Development Reimagined was formally "born" in China. We are so proud of where we have come, and SO excited about the road ahead... a #thread 1/ Image
We started as #Kenya's 1st Wholly Foreign-owned enterprise in Beijing, #China with three core values, and a vision to be a lean, mission-driven international #development consultancy like no other. Since then, we've brought in experts from 23+ countries to join our journey. 2/ Image
We decided from the beginning to be demand-driven and independent, yet focused #beyondaid, and as a result our work so far on #globaldev has been incredibly varied but always fascinating. 3/ Image
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#Germany #Coronavirus #Aid

The first funds from the Corona December aid should arrive at affected companies and the self-employed from Tuesday. The down payments have started, said the Federal Ministry of Economics.
The advance payments are an advance payment for later payments. Business associations had repeatedly expressed criticism of the slow implementation of the aid. Companies receive down payments of 50,000 euros, and solo self-employed up to 5000 euros.
This already applies to the November aid. The federal government had decided to provide billions in aid for companies, for example in the catering sector, which had to close their business operations since the beginning of November due to the partial lockdown.
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#UnitedKingdom #London #Coronavirus #AID

After warnings from the UN that the number of people in need of urgent assistance has grown by 65 million in the last 12 months,
Britain will offer £ 47 million in emergency assistance to countries suffering from the effects of COVID19 and conflict. For this "the UK will use its seat in the UN Security Council to press authoritarian regimes to allow aid organisations access to civilians."
Accordinng to the UNs 2021 Global Humanitarian Needs Overview the number increased from 175 million to 235 million this year, of people wich need acute help. In the report the UN warns that large sections in two countries Yemen and Sudan are about to reach famine conditions.
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#Greece #Lebanon #Athen #Beirut #BeirutBlast #Aid

In order to support the Orthodox Churches and faithful who were adversely impacted by the Beirut blast, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America will donate $50,000 to a special collection.
On August 4, a fatal explosion in Beirut left at least 150 people dead, 6,000 wounded and 300,000 homeless.
The large amount was collected and distributed to the Ecumenical Patriarchate to be added to their worldwide collection to help meet and relieve the great and urgent needs of the Orthodox members in Lebanon.
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#EU #Brussels #Coronavirus #Aid

On Monday, Budgets Committee Members approved € 823 million in EU aid for the Croatia earthquake, floods in Poland, and the coronavirus crisis.
The € 823 million in aid from the European Union Solidarity Fund (EUSF) will be distributed as follows: More than € 132.7 million to be made in advance payments to
Germany, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, and Portugal in response to the major public health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020.
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#WHO #Iraq #Geneva #Coronavirus #Aid

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday that it will provide 2 million U.S. dollars in aid for Iraq to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, as the Iraqi Health Ministry reported 3,204 new cases in the country.
Wael Hatahit, head of the WHO's emergency team in Iraq, said in a press release that WHO will provide medical assistance for Iraq during the last months of this year to support the country's health sector in confronting the coronavirus pandemic.
The Iraqi Health Ministry reported 3,204 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, raising nationwide infections to 449,153.
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#Germany #Holocaust #Surrovors #Aid #Coronavirus

As a way of alleviating their struggle in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Holocaust survivors spread across the globe will soon receive an additional $664 million in funding from Germany.
The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, a non-profit organisation that offers 'a measure of justice' to the victims of the Jewish Holocaust, reported on Wednesday that the additional payments, which would be spread out over two years,
had been obtained through recent talks with the German government. The Claims Conference said that approximately 240,000 survivors would receive two payments each of $1,400 starting in December.
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#Germany #BadenWuerttemberg #Stuttgart #Coronavirus #aid

Of the more than 2.2 billion euros in immediate Corona aid for small businesses and self-employed people in Baden-Württemberg, almost 48 million euros have already been repaid.
This money was collected through a total of 5500 repayments, said the State Ministry of Economics. The Corona emergency aid was aimed at self-employed individuals and - in various stages - at companies with a maximum of 50 employees.
Applications for this could be submitted until the end of May. Basically it was a grant that does not have to be repaid. However, there are certain case constellations in which it looks different,
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#EU #Brussels #Coronavirus #Aid

Several EU countries are blocking a decision that is important for the start of the European Corona economic stimulus program. According to diplomats,
around a third of the member states made it clear in Brussels that they would not support the decision on future EU funding for the time being. This capital adequacy decision regulates where the money should come from.
First there must be clarity about the overall budget for the next seven years, it said.
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#Germany #Greece #Berlin @THWLeitung #Refugees #Aegean #aid

More than 25,000 people live in overcrowded refugee camps on the Aegean islands of Leros, Samos, Lesbos, Kos and Chios.
Many millions of euros and specialists such as the technical relief organization are available to help. But the local authorities seem to be undermining the projects. According to a media report,
foreign aid for migrants housed in Greece is being made considerably more difficult by local authorities. As a report says, a project of the Technical Relief Organization (THW) failed in March because of "political problems".
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#Germany #Hamas #MuslimBrotherhood @AktionDHilft Islamic Relief #Aid #Terrorism

The alliance Aktion Deutschland Hilft has suspended membership of the organization Islamic Relief Germany until further notice.
This was announced by a spokeswoman for the association of organizations for disaster relief. According to the information, this was preceded by an extraordinary meeting of the association's board of directors with representatives of Islamic Relief in Bonn on Thursday.
Islamic Relief will now be given the opportunity to “revise its structures and systematics,” it continues. Islamic Relief describes itself as a "partner of the needy and needy in the world".
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#Lebanon #Germany #Beirut #Aid

via German foregin office (Translation)

The shock is still fresh and it is profound. Well over one hundred individuals lost their lives in the devastating explosion in Beirut, and at present there are estimated to be around 5000 people injured.
A member of the German Embassy also lost her life. On behalf of the German Government, Foreign Minister Maas expressed his deepest sympathy to her relatives: “Our worst fears have been confirmed. We are deeply saddened by the death of our colleague.”
During a telephone conversation with his Lebanese counterpart, Maas pledged to initiate emergency measures. It is clear to Heiko Maas that “in this hour of need, we are there to help. The people in Beirut need to know that we will not abandon them.”
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🔵 Thread : progressisme en #ArabieSaoudite 🇸🇦 et pays du Golfe #UAE 🇦🇪
Ils évoluent dans leur paradigme et abandonnent lentement l'#Islam ☪️ orthodoxe par petites touches
Le ministre des affaires islamiques demande qu'on baisse le son des appels à la prière car nuit aux gens⤵️
#ArabieSaoudite 🇸🇦
La peine de mort💀 pour les mineurs qui est abolie…
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